December 11, 2017

May/June 2013 Frontline: Speaking Up without Talking Down



Speaking Up without Talking Down
David Shumate

The Promise and Perils of Speaking Up
David Shumate

What we say does have eternal consequences.

Biblical Sexual Ethics in Light of God’s Institution of Marriage
Michael Harding

It is absolutely necessary in a militantly pagan culture to submit our sexual practices to the Lordship of Christ, which will result in God’s glory and our good.

Reaching the Arab World
Author’s Name Withheld

God deserves to be glorified in the Muslim world!

Proclaim and Defend
Don Johnson

I much preferred the Fundamentalist philosophy of Christian life and church ministry, fully embracing it for my ministry.

Pastoring Faithfully in the Heartland
Wilbur Schoneweis

My wife and I started reading the Bible and praying together, and the Lord used that to lead us to leave our denominational church to go to an independent Baptist church.

The Great Commission in the Caribbean
Johnny Daniels

“On Fundamentalism”
David Innes

It is amazing how the Word of God unites the hearts of people.

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