December 17, 2017

Crossroads Conference – June 17


Crossroads Conference

Dr. Les Ollila


  • A Good Legacy Does Not Guarantee a Good Future
  • Avoiding Pragmatism

Dear Friend –
Pastor Rick Arrowood and I would like to invite you to a very special morning with Dr. Les Ollila on Monday, June 17, 2013 at Colonial Hills Baptist Church.

“Doc O” has been uniquely used of God to impact thousands of lives during his 40 years of faithful service as youth pastor, evangelist, teacher, and President of Northland Baptist Bible College. Pastor Arrowood yielded to live a separated life in 1976 under Les’ preaching. My philosophy of ministry was directed under Les’ teaching over 30 years ago.

So you can understand that for us it’s a thrill to host this conference. Dr. Ollila will bring two messages, A Good Legacy Does Not Guarantee a Good Future and Avoiding Pragmatism. Our schedule also includes what will no doubt be a very interesting Q&A.

Let me encourage you to invite others to join you and bring your staff members. This will be a historic morning!

In order for us to make sure that plenty of lunch is available, we need to ask you to RSVP by June 12. While there is no charge for this event, we will collect an offering to be gracious to Les and to cover our cost.

In His Service, 

Dr. Rick Arrowood
Dr. Chuck Phelps
Conference Hosts and Coordinators

For registration, follow this link.



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