“Must Hear” Preaching–the 2013 South Regional

We apologize for the delay in publishing the messages from the recent South Regional FBFI Conference. Several of you have written looking for them. After editing and listening to them, I have to agree – these messages are more than worth hearing, they are “Must Hear” Preaching.

Read on to get an overview.

Preaching to Glorify God

Mark Minnick

1 Pt 4.10-11. Is the goal of preaching satisfying the crowd or satisfying God? Pastor Minnick powerfully demonstrates how we must stand for God in the pulpit, giving to the people who hear us preaching that is in fact the demonstration of the very words God has given us. We need to get out of the way and lead the people to hear God, not us. Our rhetoric, our style, our skill ought to be completely out of the way.

“Dr. Minnick’s message ought to be required listening before entering the pulpit to preach.” – Pastor Jeff Davis

The Hermeneutics Debate

Fred Moritz

“Like drinking from a fire hose…” Dr. Moritz gives us a brief survey of hermeneutics from the time of the Reformation and takes us through a survey of modern hermeneutical teachers and teachings. He closes with a brief look at how “the village preacher” is to take in and interpret the Scriptures for his people. This survey ought to whet our appetite to develop interpretive skill by careful study of the Scriptures.

The Confidence of a Good Conscience

John Vaughn

1 Tim 1.1-20. Dr. Vaughn exhorts us from Paul’s first chapter to Timothy concerning the good conscience of the minister. This involves not only one’s walk before God but one’s walk before men.

Searching for America

Craig Hartman

Craig Hartman gives us an impassioned appeal to let the Scriptures speak. Let us be done with fanciful and false interpretations of Scripture. America doesn’t appear in prophecy … anywhere! Let’s not pretend that it does.

We encourage you to attend one of our upcoming fellowship meetings. You will be encouraged to serve the Lord faithfully and will enjoy the fellowship of the saints with those brethren who assemble with you.