November 18, 2017

A Fundamentalist Manifesto (NW Regional Fellowship)

Perhaps my headline overstates the case somewhat, but I invite you to take the time to listen to the messages from the recently concluded Northwest Regional FBFI Fellowship meeting.

Pastor Mike Harding was our keynote speaker this year. He delivered several outstanding messages. I’d like to highlight two of them in particular. The first is the message that inspired my headline above:

The Cure for Factionalism
1 Cor 3.1-10. Pastor Harding calls on God’s ministers to manifest a faithful fundamentalism, not fractured by factionalism caused by affection for the world or obsession with self and position. God’s ministers need to remember that allegiance is due to God alone, not to men, including themselves. God’s ministers need to remember that their accountability is to God above, they are not free agents. In closing, he asks us: how much of the present day church will survive the judgement that is to come?

The second highlight was the Tuesday evening message:

Our Incomparable God
Isa 40.1-11. Who is able to bring about the Golden Age of Sabbath rest? Only our God.

The rest of the messages:

Mike Harding, First Baptist Church, Troy, MI:

The Messenger of the Lord
Mal 1.6-8, 2.4-9. The preaching of Malachi can be used as an analogy to problems of our day. Similar to the problems of the Jewish priests, we can see in modern men Marks of False Spiritual Leaders.

The King’s Mighty Men
2 Sam 23.8-17. Pastor Harding uses the roster of David’s mighty men as an analogy for our devotion to David’s Greater Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. He highlights their aggressive offense for the King, their stout defense of the King, and the wholehearted devotion with which they served the King.

Evangelist Jeremy Frazor:

Who is Your Master?
Jas 1.1-8. The term ‘slave’ is much used in the New Testament. The way we think of it says much about us and our ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Faithful Man
2 Tim 2.1-10. Jeremy Frazor calls us to the faithfulness illustrated in our text by the teacher, the soldier, the athlete and the husbandman.

Mike Nulph, Central Valley Baptist Church, Abbotsford, BC:

When God Says No
Our title suggests a topic you might think negative, but in reality it is one of the most comforting themes of the New Testament. God’s love for his people is seen in the most negative verse of the NT.

Steve Hicks, Galilee Baptist Church, Kent, WA:

The Pastor’s ‘Knee’-ful Ministry
Our subject in this message is the ministry of prayer, something that may be neglected by men of God.

Brian Ernsberger, Lincoln Park Baptist Church, Wenatchee, WA:

Unexpected Mission Opportunities
Pastor Ernsberger speaks of a recent mission trip to India and some insights from the Scriptures in relation to it.

Rick Coursen, First Baptist Church, Sedro Woolley, WA:

Your Conversation
Phil 1.27-30. Pastor Coursen exhorts us to join the apostle Paul in an unyielding, undivided, and unafraid walk with the Lord.

Don Johnson, Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC:

Who Are You Married To?
Pr 31.10-31. Pastor Johnson argues for the unity and inerrancy of the book of Proverbs and calls the believer to wed himself to Wisdom, making the language of God’s book the template and pattern of his daily thought so that he can face every situation of life with God’s perspective.

John Stima, Monroe Baptist Church, Monroe, WA:

God Brings Comfort
2 Cor 1:4-11 Pastor Stima exhorts us on the comfort God provides in order to enable our ministry to others.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, a few messages from the meeting are unavailable. Also note that some distortion may be detected in voice quality. We have edited the files to make them sound as close to natural as possible, but some flaws may still exist.

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