November 21, 2017

The Eclectic Web–Feb 21, 2013

This time The Eclectic Web offers links on a wide variety of stories:

  • Church and the next generation
  • Abuse charges from an unexpected source
  • Interesting questions for Catholics
  • The drama of log-splitting (from Norway)

The Generation Gap

Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church

“We all know them, the kids who were raised in church. They were stars of the youth group. They maybe even sang in the praise band or led worship. And then… they graduate from High School and they leave church. What happened?”

This time it’s Zen Buddhism with abuse charges…

Zen Groups Distressed by Accusations Against Teacher

“Critics and victims have pointed to a Zen culture of secrecy, patriarchy and sexism, and to the quasi-religious worship of the Zen master, who can easily abuse his status.”

An interesting question:

When a Pope Retires, Is He Still Infallible?

“What is the status of an ex-pope?” asked Ken Pennington, a professor of ecclesiastical and legal history at the Catholic University of America in Washington. “We have no rules about that at all. What is his title? What are his powers? Does he lose infallibility?”

From the really eclectic department…

Bark Up or Down? Firewood Splits Norwegians

A curious story in the New York Times about Norwegians and log-splitting. In some ways incomprehensible to North Americans, the story is interesting from a cultural standpoint. What does the Norwegian fascination with firewood say about their culture? What does it say about ours?

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