December 17, 2017

Around the Web–10/17/12

A few interesting stories from around the web…

The Problem with Pastors as Rock Stars

  • Ed Stetzer has an interesting article on the ‘rock star’ pastor. I don’t always agree with Stetzer, but I think he touches on something that can happen in a church regardless of size. In addition to his solutions, I might suggest that the mission of the church has been lost in the current climate – we are trying to cope with being Christians in a consumerist culture, whereas the church should be about building disciples to live out a Christian culture.

Book Review of Did God Really Say? Affirming the Truthfulness and Trustworthiness of Scripture

Did God Really Say? answers its own question with a strong affirmative, and it warrants attention by pastors and laypeople who wish to understand the inerrancy debate and defend the trustworthiness of Scripture.

  • The review highlights strengths and one major weakness of this book. Sounds like a worthy item on inspiration and inerrancy in spite of its weak point.

More questions than answers

  • A brief observation about changes at Tennessee Temple and Highland Park Baptist Church by a Southern Baptist with some familiarity with the school. His perspective is definitely that of an outsider. Mark this one down as “interesting,” can’t make much more of it than that.

Is Megachurch Worship Addictive?

  • Very interesting collection of quotes on mega-churches. How often or how much are we trying to replicate this in our ‘mini-churches’?

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