November 21, 2017

Around the Web–9/19/12

Schaap charged, signs plea agreement:

Middle East Tension:

Spiritual Life:

    • Jon Gleason has another outstanding article: Thoughts on the Olympics – the Secret of ‘Marginal Gains’. Jon could have titled this “How to get somewhere between exceptional and phenomenal,” from a quote sprinkled through the essay. The subject is ‘laying aside weights’ and ‘looking unto Jesus’, truly a vital need for every Christian life.


    • On the subject of inerrancy, Tim Bayly takes on Denny Burk, Carl Trueman and Don Carson for promoting the errors of feminism. The first piece, Burk & Trueman agree: feminism no ‘erosion of fundamental Evangelical commitments…’ deals with a blog conversation of sorts between Carl Trueman and Denny Burk (some links to Trueman: here, here,and here and to Denny Burk here).
    • The second piece, Don Carson’s promotion of gender-neutered Bibles…relates the importance of the anti-feminist position (the biblical view of male/female roles) to Bible translation and inerrancy.
      • There are areas where this editor disagrees with the Bayly brothers (they are Presbyterians and disagree with us about contemporary music, for example). However, they are perceptive warriors for orthodoxy in the area of gender roles and inerrancy. I appreciate their forthrightness. Their words should be a caution to those who are so ready to embrace conservative evangelicals with seemingly little discernment.

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