November 21, 2017

The God of Ecclesiastes

Jonathan Threlfall It is deeply ingrained in our intuition that there is some kind of deity out there — a higher power that is responsible for much of what we see and experience. Recently, a study at the University of Oxford concluded that “human thought processes were ‘rooted’ to religious concepts.” (This study came with […]

Islam and Christianity

Compared and Contrasted [The following summary, published in FrontLine March/April 2011 is offered as an aide to understanding as Islam continues in the news to this day. – ed.]   Basics ISLAM CHRISTIANITY Meaning of the name Submission to the will of Allah The practice of faith of believers in Jesus Christ Name of a […]

Prophecy — A Revelation of God’s Sovereignty

Fred Moritz The promise of Christ’s imminent, or “any moment,” return permeates the New Testament.

All You Need To Know About The Devil

Bob Jones, Sr. The Bible teaches that there is a personal devil. There are as many evidences of a personal devil as there are of a personal God. When I speak of a “personal devil’ you immediately think of a human being. A human being is a person, but a person is not necessarily a […]

What’s in a Word?

Edward M. Panosian This article comes to us from the pages of Faith for the Family, originally published in 1974. Some of the terms discussed in the article have shifted their meaning since that time, but that shifting nature of language is precisely the point the article is making. In consequence, you will have to […]

A Theology of Separation

Larry Oats In the last issue of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal I wrote an article on the Theology of Fellowship.[1] This current article is the flipside of the earlier article. A theology of separation needs to be part of a theology of fellowship. This article will be limited to the New Testament. A study […]

A Theology of Fellowship

Larry Oats Fundamentalism is best known for its separatism, a willingness to separate when biblical truth is at stake. Separation, however, is the flipside of fellowship. If we can fellowship with someone (or something like a church or an association), we cannot separate from him (or it). If we do not have a basis for […]

Theology Matters (2.3): Defining Terms Proportionally

Mark Minnick This is a continuation of a series, the previous section was posted yesterday, other links below. In the previous portions, Dr. Minnick discussed the importance of Defining Terms Honestly and Defining Terms Accurately. Today he moves to Defining Terms Proportionally Proportion A third important criterion by which to test our theology is proportionality. […]

Theology Matters (2.2): Defining Terms Accurately

Mark Minnick This is a continuation of a series, the first section was posted yesterday, other links below. In the previous portion, Dr. Minnick discussed the importance of Defining Terms Honestly. Today he moves to Defining Terms Accurately Self-Education This leads inevitably to a second necessary application of the importance of definitions. We show our […]

Theology Matters (2.1): Defining Terms Honestly

Mark Minnick John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress recounts Christian’s visit to the instructive home of a good brother named Interpreter. This astute believer, charged by the Lord to prepare pilgrims for their journey, conducts Christian through the various rooms of his house. Each contains some parabolic lesson, but the first is especially significant. It contains a […]