November 22, 2017

My Beloved and My Friend

Marshall and Gretchen Fant FrontLine • March/April 2007 “What is the problem, as you see it?” I asked the couple sitting across my desk. The answer I got was too predictable. The names and faces were different, but the situation that seemed unique to them was becoming so common to me that it was disturbing. […]

Are You Getting a Call from God?

John Vaughn Imagine a young person who is considering doing something wrong, when suddenly he receives a cell phone call from a Christian friend inviting him to do something right. Now, imagine yourself facing temptation and at that very moment getting a call from God. That is essentially what Paul is teaching in 1 Thessalonians […]

Looking for a Substitute for God

John C. Vaughn One of our FBFI Chaplains recently told me the story of a young soldier who came to him and shared that he was so discouraged that he spent every evening getting drunk to drown his emotional pain. The Chaplain had asked him, “How is that working out for you?” The soldier had […]

All Things to All Men—or—Be Ye Separate

Randolph Shaylor An important principle of the Word of God is separation from doctrinal and ecclesiastical compromise and from unrighteous lifestyles and practices. Yet we are inundated with publications and ministries that insist that we must attract people, especially young people, by appealing to contemporary desires. Paul’s statement “I am made all things to all […]

Why Cling to a Conservative Music Standard?

by Paul Downey Ministries need a Biblical and philosophical basis for rejecting popular music in favor of conservative, traditional music. The music used in our churches and schools should provide a high-quality, meaningful alternative to the high-pressure worldly influence of popular music. While the text is important, it is by no means the only criterion […]