December 14, 2017

The Season of Renewal

A. J. Gordon This message was preached more than 100 years ago, yet the truths it offers are poignantly applicable today. We grow spiritually through constant mortification of the natural man and constant renewal of the spiritual man. A good illustration of this is the process of grafting, which Scripture refers to several times. Here […]

The Three Dimensions Of Discipline—Part 1

Jerry Sivnksty One of the greatest struggles that many Christians have is maintaining a proper balance in their lives. This isn’t an easy task, but we should stop to consider how well balanced our lives are. Before I proceed any further, I want to point out that for us to be a disciple of our […]

Holding Fast

Jim Oesterwind Hebrews 10.23-25 As a pastor, I’ve often thought that church would go so much better on Sundays if certain people stayed away. Most notably, people who feel guilty if they miss, people who feel pressured to be there, and people who go just because they have always attended. I’m convinced that these three […]

Revitalizing Personal Worship

Through Quieting the Noisy Soul Jim Berg Shawna can’t seem to “click off” at nights, and her mind races nonstop replaying the events of the day. Fran was released from another job because of low productivity. She obsesses about cleanliness and orderliness to such a degree that she can never finish a job. Bob just […]

Sweet Fruit From A Thorny Tree

Charles Spurgeon At times when our heavenly Father weighs out to us a portion of wormwood and gall in the form of bloody pain, we very naturally ask the reason why. Human nature at times asks the question in petulance and gets no answer. Faith asks with bated breath and gains a gracious reply. Our […]

The Power of Example

Jonathan Threlfall “Virtuous deeds,” wrote Plutarch, “implant in those who search them out a great and zealous eagerness which leads to imitation” (Life of Pericles 1.4). Although he was by no means a Christian, Plutarch’s words resonate with the words of Scripture, particularly the cry of the psalmist in the opening verses of Psalm 119:

Reading FrontLine

Don Johnson As readers of our site are aware, one of the ministries of the FBFI is our bimonthly publication, FrontLine magazine. We regularly post from its archives here on Proclaim & Defend. We hope these articles are a blessing to you in your spiritual life. In today’s post, I’d like to say a word […]

The Growing Christian

William Edward Biederwolf If you are sighing today for the ‘‘joy which once you knew when first you found the Lord,” it can only be because you have not been a growing Christian. Conversion is just the beginning of what God can do for a human soul. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they […]

Anemia in Fundamentalism

John Brock Fundamental Christian colleges are challenged with what seems to be an increasing trend in carnality and worldliness in the current generation. Historically the manifestations of carnality were revealed in superficial worldly conformity (immodesty, fleshly music, or careless social behavior). Such manifestations presented challenges, but the environment of many of the fundamental Christian colleges […]

Cultivating a Life of Faith (8): A Man of Intimacy

Jim Oesterwind Genesis 18.1-33 John Davis writes of his encounter with a setting very similar to the one we find in Genesis 18: As we approached the crest of the hill in the 110-degree heat, we saw the most welcome sight of the afternoon, the little black tent of our Bedouin friend, Muhammad Radin. That […]