November 22, 2017

How to Apply the Bible to Entertainment Choices Today

Brian Hand FrontLine • January/February 2014 Entertainment is not our enemy, but our Enemy employs entertainment effectively.[1] Pretending, as some Christians do, that the Enemy is either incapable or unwilling to use entertainment to accomplish his agenda is naïve at best. It may amount to a spiritual dereliction of duty. But how can we navigate […]

Fatal Attraction: What Entertainment Is Doing to Our Youth

Mike Ascher In 1985 author and educator Neil Postman wrote the book Amusing Ourselves to Death. In his opening paragraphs Postman states that “at different times in our history, different cities have been the focal point of a radiating American spirit.” For example, he points out that before the American Revolution “Boston was the center […]

Our Christian Movie Rating System

Cynthia Blake Simmons Scripture instructs us that our time is valuable and given to us for a purpose. The minutes and hours entrusted to us upon this earth require faithful stewardship as do our talents and financial resources. If we are guiding our lives with an eternal view, then we will not be haphazard in […]