November 22, 2017

Church Discipline

Norman Pyle “Havoc may … result from the mishandling of disciplinary matters.” Discipline is a hushed-up word in today’s churches and a neglected practice. The permissive attitude of the world toward sin has even infiltrated Christian homes. The result? Inside and outside the church, men do “that which is right in their own eyes,” or […]

Putting Things in Order

An anonymous pastor The old saying “easier said than done” comes to mind as I think upon what the apostle Paul’s admonition must have sounded like to Titus (1:5). After appointing spiritual leadership in the churches, Titus was to go about his work of “setting in order” (the term refers to the setting of a […]

A Biblical Philosophy of Church Planting

by Otis R. Holmes Every subject has a philosophy. It may not be spelled out, but it is there just the same — whether good or bad, right or wrong. Church planting has its own philosophy — godly or worldly. Of course, the true philosophy of church planting is to be Biblical. But what is […]