January 17, 2018

Christians Should Be Readers

Taigen Joos


Many Christians will begin this New Year with some kind of Bible reading schedule. For our church, we promote this as well, and many take up the challenge to read through their Bibles in a year’s time. It is a good exercise and a great way to get to know your Bible better.

In addition to reading your Bible, I would also encourage you to add some other good Christian reading material to your daily “to do” lists.

Reading good Christian books enhances your spiritual alertness and can help you grow in your understanding of various theological truths. While reading the Bible is mandatory and expected of every Christian, reading good Christian material is something that every believer should view as necessary as well. I would urge you then, as a Christian, to cultivate the habit of reading.

To this end, I have put together what I have called a 20/20 Book Reading Plan. The plan seeks to help Christians read through five Christian books each year in order to read twenty by the end of 2020. If you would like to peruse or use this reading plan, you may look at it here.

Christians are readers. Reading isn’t just the job of your pastor. Everyone who sits in a pew should also cultivate a heart for reading. It is more profitable than watching TV, playing video games, or zoning out in front of a portable device. I am not saying that those things are sinful, but just less profitable than reading good Christian material.

I urge you to be Christians who read this year. While it may require a bit of a financial investment, it can yield great spiritual dividends. While it will require some time, it will be time you redeem for eternal purposes. Teach your children to read, or read as a family. Take the lead in your home to be a reader of good Christian books this year, all for the glory of God, and for the spiritual encouragement of your own soul.

Editor’s Note: Our friend Taigen published this article last year, thus you will be a year behind on his list! However, his point remains a good one; you can use his list or substitute good titles of your own. Even if you don’t think you are a reader, you can manage a few pages a day. It will do you good! And be sure to read your Bible as well.


Taigen Joos is the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Dover, NH. He blogs here, where this article first appeared. It is republished here by permission.

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