December 18, 2017

2016 FBFI Annual Fellowship audio files now available

Our Annual Fellowship, held this year at the Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, included many powerful messages, a blessing to all in attendance. We would like to share that blessing with you by way of audio recordings available for online listening or download to listen at your convenience. We also have a link to streaming video recordings for many of our sessions.

Direct links to each message appear below, as well as links to earlier posts where we offered quick synopses of the main sessions:

Main Sessions:

God’s Design for our Worship
Dr. Gary Reimers (synopsis)

The Genesis Flood and Final Judgment
Dr. John Whitcomb

Same-Sex Mirage
Dr. Mike Harding

The Conversion of an Atheist
Dr. John Whitcomb

Five Questions for Evolutionists
Dave Woetzel

Defending Genesis in the Dept. of Defense
Chaplain Joe Willis


God’s Social Plan: Family Foundations from Genesis
Dr. Kevin Schaal

Timothy Keller’s View on Creation
Dr. Matt Recker

God’s Brushstrokes
Mrs. Norma Whitcomb

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