January 16, 2018

Declarations from our Designer: Day Three

Thursday morning brought our conference to a close. The whole conference was a blessing. Many old friends renewed acquaintance, spent time in conversation, rejoiced in the work of God around the world and worshipped the Lord together once again.

Our closing message came from Chaplain Joe Willis: Defending Genesis 1-11 in the Department of Defense. Bro. Willis spoke frankly about challenges facing Bible-believing chaplains in the military, but also spoke confidently about the opportunity for faithful service. He suggested five essentials for faithful service:

  1. Much prayer for the men we endorse as FBFI chaplains (2 Chr 7.14)
  2. Faithful preaching of the word of salvation (Rm 10.13-15)
  3. Personal commitment and submission to God’s Word and will, regardless of secular pressure
  4. Understand the system and work within it for the glory of God
  5. Continued support for our chaplains from Bible-believing churches

Many of our group concluded the day with an excursion to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We all disbursed to ministries around the world after an encouraging meeting. We thank the folks of Colonial Hills Baptist Church for their kind ministry to us during these days of meeting and fellowshipping together in their beautiful facilities.


In addition to the General Sessions, we also enjoyed several workshops dealing with these topics:

  • Is Creation Esssential for Fundamentalism – Dave Woetzel
  • God’s Social Plan: Family Foundations from Genesis – Kevin Schaal
  • Timothy Keller’s View on Creation – Matt Recker
  • God’s Brushstrokes on Canvas (Ladies session) – Norma Whitcomb
  • The Early Earth: Eden or Ape-men? – Dave Woetzel
  • The Pastor’s First Lady Panel (Ladies) – Linda Phelps, moderator

Audio is coming and will be linked here. We will announce it in another post hopefully next week. Some of the sessions, especially workshops will be posted as articles in the days to come.


Next year our Annual Fellowship is hosted by Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, WI on June 13-15, 2017. Make your plans to attend now!

In the meantime, look for a regional fellowship near you. Many of our brethren are unable to make it to the Annual meeting but find food for the soul and the encouragement of fellowship in our Regional meetings. Check this space for the latest information.

Don Johnson is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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