FrontLine–Nov/Dec 2013


November/December 2013 | VOLUME 23 | NUMBER 6

Cutting It Straight: Biblical Hermeneutics for Tough Issues

Hermeneutics is the study of how people understand or interpret books, drama, art, music, architecture, and any number of other aspects of life. Biblical hermeneutics is the study of how people understand or interpret the Bible. Often Biblical hermeneutics is used to describe how people ought to study the Bible. This issue of FrontLine looks at several controversial issues that can be solved rightly or wrongly, based on Biblical hermeneutics. Some of these issues have immediate practical relevance: the relations of husbands and wives or the discipline of children. Others are theological in nature: the interpretation of the Creation accounts or our understanding of justification by faith alone. Though not as immediately relevant, these issues are foundational to a healthy church. It is our hope that not only will this issue provide Biblical guidance about controversial issues but that it also will enable us to sharpen our ability to rightly interpret Scripture.

Brian Collins

Peter Enns’s Hermeneutic of Creation: In Step or Misstep?

Jimmy Tuck

In recent years some Evangelicals have begun to abandon a literal view of the Creation in favor of various literary views.

The Hermeneutics of Homosexuality

Mark Ward

A danger waiting, even for Fundamentalists, is the set of seemingly plausible arguments put forward by “gay Christians.”

The Flawed Hermeneutics of Evangelical Feminism

Andy and Erika Merkle

The evangelical feminists’ hermeneutic can appear very reasonable at first glance.

Discipline: What If Scripture Isn’t Politically Correct?

Joel Arnold

Many have unwittingly adopted Webb’s view on corporal punishment without realizing the disastrous implications.

Land: An Important Biblical Theme for God’s People

Brian Collins

Christians often struggle to understand the significance of the land promise.

Faulty Hermeneutics and the New Perspective on Paul

Ryan Banman

The proverbial rat poison is made up of 95% good ingredients and only a small amount of toxin.

What’s “Fundamental” to “Fundamentalism”?

David C. Innes

A Sacrifice of Praise

Sandy Washer

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