December 18, 2017

The Eclectic Web – R. T. Ketcham edition

In our wandering around the internet, we find items that may interest our readers. In this edition, we stumble across a series of posts on Robert T. Ketcham, former leader in the GARBC and noted fundamentalist.

From the introductory post:

Robert Thomas Ketcham (1889-1978) was a Baptist fundamentalist preacher known for his tender care of those under his charge, a burning love for Jesus Christ and His church, and an aggressive denunciation of and separation from apostasy. … The object of these posts shall be to complete Ketcham’s “portrait of obedience” which his life exemplified. Ketcham took specific and numerous opportunities to warn God’s people of the error of new evangelicalism.

Links will appear below. Other topics in this edition:

  • The Boy Scouts and homosexuality

On the perhaps less relevant side:

  • Voyager I set to leave the Solar System
  • ABE Books reports top sales prices in June

Dan Greenfield’s series on Robert T. Ketcham:

Articles on the Boy Scouts and homosexuality:

From the department of Odd Knowledge:

Voyager 1 is the near the edge of the heliosphere, a vast bubble made of the sun’s own magnetic field.  When Voyager punches through the bubble, it will exit the solar system and enter interstellar space–the realm of the stars.

The top 10 most expensive sales for June 2013 include a number of fantastic antiquarian tomes.  In top spot, weighing in at nearly $29,000, is a 1731 German translation of the Physica Sacra by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, who was a Swiss scholar, physician, chair of physics and professor in mathematics, as well as  credited for being one of the fathers of paleontology.

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