January 23, 2018

Around the Web–Study Resources

Courtesy of Pastor Gary Small of Linden, WA, we offer links to the following on-line study resources. Use what you can. Be aware that some of the resources include liberal and conservative materials.

Some of the resources here are more of interest to the serious Bible student, but any believer could learn to use them with profit for personal growth or for teaching Sunday Schools and the like. Don’t be daunted by the appearance of ‘strange alphabets’, there are enough English helps here that you can find your way around and gain insight into the Word of God.

Links are provided for your reference and imply no endorsement of any content on other sites.

Although Proclaim & Defend is the blog of the FBFI, the articles we post are not an expression of the views of the FBFI as a whole, they are the views of the author under whose name they are published. The FBFI speaks either through position statements by its board or through its president. Here at Proclaim & Defend, we publish articles as matters of interest or edification to the wider world of fundamentalist Baptists and any others who might be interested.

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