September 22, 2017

Making Arguments in Public

Don Johnson

David French of the National Review has a short piece under the headline, “Never Stop Making Moral and Religious Arguments.” In it, he advocates for making moral (even religious) arguments in the public square, despite the gainsaying of opponents. He notes that those on the political left make moral arguments all the time. They make these arguments powerfully and demand your acquiescence. That is what the pro-gender-confusion stance is all about these days. This is what the argument against conservative moral argument is all about. It is an attempt to shout down the voice of moral opposition by making loud counter moral argumentation. French says,

The bottom line is that moral arguments have real power, and they’re even more powerful if only one side is making them. That’s doubly true for religious arguments. Progressive Christians have no trouble quoting scripture to support progressive arguments. Yet all too many conservatives fall for the claim that “no one cares” what the Bible says when standing on orthodox Christian moral principle.

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2017 Central Regional Fellowship

Faith Baptist Church in Manhattan, Kansas is pleased to invite you to the next FBFI Central Regional Fellowship. The theme this year is “Let Us Not Be Weary in Well Doing.” We have a very good line up of speakers.

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Categories of Truth

FBFI Pulpit: Dr. David Innes, Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA
Series: What is Fundamentalism?

What doctrines ought to divide Christians? What are those teachings where we ought to allow our brothers to differ? Between that which is essential and that which is preferential, a great gulf is fixed … or ought to be. Dr. Innes gives us some helpful categories by which we can make distinctions for our own understanding and for the enriching of our fellowship. You will find the downloadable file helpful for understanding this message. [Read More…]

Christian Worldview

George Stiekes

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God (Romans 12:2).

Ken Ham wrote: “Statistical research shows that approximately two-thirds of young people in America are leaving the church by the time they reach college age – with very few returning.” Once they get into the secular colleges, their minds are being filled with deceptions they are not prepared to handle, particularly in areas like evolution, political correctness over against truth, immorality and so many other areas that conflict with the Word of God. Are our young people and adults being properly discipled through the ministry of the local church? How much apologetical teaching is taking place in our churches today? Do we understand why we believe what we do?

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Explaining the Trinity to Muslims


Thomas Overmiller


Inquisitive Muslims, curious about Bible Christianity, find the doctrine of the Trinity difficult to accept. How can one God be three distinct persons at once? Has a Muslim, whether friend or stranger, ever questioned you about this? How should you answer? Here is an approach that may help.

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