July 29, 2016

Can The Music Issue Be Resolved?

Gordon Dickson

There are no absolutes.” “What works is what counts.” “The end justifies the means.” “Music is amoral.” These are not statements of fact; they are statements of philosophy. The statements above are the rules of relativism. Such philosophies should be discarded (Col. 2:8). The Christian is called to honor God in every area of his life, including his instrumental and vocal music.

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Good Preaching vs. God-Honoring Preaching

Jerry Sivnksty

As I travel across the country as an evangelist, I have noticed a disturbing trend that grieves my heart. It has to do with churches that use contemporary Christian music: they’ve gotten rid of the hymnals and instead flash their music on large screens to the background of worldly beats. Then the minister gets up and preaches in such a way that the people are enthralled with his speaking abilities. Church attendance rapidly increases to the point that they must have two or three services to accommodate the crowds.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses: Salesmen of Falsehood

Stewart Custer

Although God highly honors a faithful witness (Revelation 2:13), He warns most solemnly “a false witness shall perish” (Proverbs 21 :28). The Jehovah’s Witnesses that often go from door-to-door regularly speak of themselves as though they were God’s only witness to the truth in the world today. Since these Jehovah’s Witnesses are trained in salesmanship at their “Kingdom Hall,” the average Christian is sometimes at a loss to know how to answer these representatives of a false religious system. Yet there are many clear examples of falsehood in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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Accountability in Missions

Jeff Musgrave

Missions consists of a curious relationship between a pastor and the local church he serves, a missionary, and, in most cases, a mission agency. Before we can address accountability, it is necessary to delineate each party’s responsibilities and their relationships with each other.

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The Holiness of God

George Stiekes

Exalt ye the LORD our God, and worship
at His footstool; for He is hol
y. Psalm 99:5

We do not often think about the holiness of God, but we ought to do so. It is perhaps the most difficult of His attributes to explain. Those outside of Christ think that God’s love is His foundation attribute and that a loving God would never send anyone to a place like hell.

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