October 18, 2017

Dung on the Face?

Matt Recker

Malachi 2:3 “I will… spread dung upon your faces…

We might think this is a bit “over the top!” I have never preached about God spreading dung on the faces of the priests, and, on the surface, it seems a coarse tactic to use. In preaching through Malachi recently, this troubling passage confronted and challenged me. What could this possibly mean and why would God go to such extreme measures?

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Christians and the Movies

Don Johnson

You can’t escape the media these days, which means almost everyone knows of their latest obsessions within a few hours of their formation. The last week or so, one story crowded out the regular obsessions. You can hardly go to a site on the web that isn’t offering some kind of opinion about Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood scandal. I’ve read a few of these articles myself. Some of them offer some interesting and/or helpful insights. I’ll give some links throughout this post.

Two things interest me about the articles I’ve read. First, the voluminous secular reaction and (mostly) outrage. Second, the comparatively quiet Christian reaction, which fails to speak to what, ought to concern Christians most about this scandal, at least in the articles I’ve been able to find.

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FBFI Weblog: Creation in Real Time

Don Johnson

The worldviews dominating our culture find their roots in many movements of the past five hundred years, but one particular force that led us to this point in time is the doctrine of evolution. It is axiomatic in the lost world today that “science disproves the Bible,” hence, the theories of evolution are taken for granted as the factual explanation for how everything got here. I’m sure you are aware of this. The turmoil we experience on a daily basis, the complete lunacy of public policy, the never-ending shock headlines — they all vomit out of the godless materialism of our age with Science enthroned and billions of years assumed.

How can we speak to the multitudes who fix their faith on the Big Bang and its cousins? Must we be scientific experts to speak on these issues?

I think not! However, rather than make an exhaustive attempt myself, I’d like to point you to a series of blog posts by my friend Dan Olinger, Chairman of the Bible Department at Bob Jones University.

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The Biblical Teaching of Hell (Part Two)

Jerry Sivnksty

FrontLine • November/December 2009
(Part One here)

In Luke 16 we have an account of two men who died. We read in Luke 16:22, “And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried.” The Scriptures solemnly declare the certainty of death. Second Samuel 14:14 says, “For we must needs die.” Psalm 89:48 states, “What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death?” Job 30:23 declares, “For I know that thou wilt bring me to death.” Hebrews 9:27 says, “And . . . it is appointed unto men once to die.”

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The Genius of Apostasy (1)

FBFI Pulpit: Dr. David Innes, Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA
Series: What is Fundamentalism?

In this message, Dr. Innes deals with the difficulty of standing against apostasy. Apostasy appears to be compassionate, full of good works, well spoken of and command the attention and allegiance of so many good people. What is a Bible-believing Christian to do?

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