October 2, 2014

Do These Thoughts Make You Fear?

Don Johnson

Sometimes concepts seem to come together for me all of a sudden. I may be studying one subject, a book of the Bible, say, for a series of messages and at the same time reading another book for personal interest or some other study project. In company with this comes some life experience – an interaction with someone else, a mistake made, a temptation experienced, a victory won, or almost any occurrence of life. As I think about these events, suddenly my studies come together in my mind and I find myself struck by some truth in a more powerful way than ever before.

The subject that struck me recently was wrath and the fear of God.

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Cultivating Faith (3): Choosing to Cultivate Faith

Jim Oesterwind

Genesis 13.1-18

The story of Abraham and Lot is a story of two roads which diverge. It is a story filled with choices. While the eternal destination of both men is the same, the ways in which they lived on this earth become a stark contrast.

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Matthew Henry: Serious Self-Examination before Ordination (4)

Mark Minnick

Part OnePart TwoPart Three ♦ This is Part Four

Pastor Minnick offers us Matthew Henry’s thorough meditation of self-examination on the occasion of his ordination. Part One dealt with the question, “What Am I?” and Part Two dealt with the questions, “What Have I Done?” and “From What Principles Do I Act in This Undertaking?” Part Three answered the question, “What Are the Ends That I Aim at in This Great Undertaking?”

What Do I Want?

And what special things am I now to desire of God, the God of all grace? When I know whither to go for supplies. I am concerned to enquire what my necessities are. The requests I have to put to God are such as these.

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Treasuring Our Time (Part Two)

Jerry Sivnksty

In Ephesians 5:16 the apostle Paul wrote, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” We as God’s children are living in evil days; therefore we ought to be making the most of our time. Recently I read an article about how George Whitefield and his close friends kept records of how they spent their days. They would try to improve areas in which they felt they were wasting time. We, too, ought to take an inventory of how we spend our time.

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Treasuring Our Time (Part One)

Jerry Sivnksty

Many people are consumed with watching their investments. They are in constant touch with their broker or watching the business channel to make sure their finances are working for them. Their minds are focused on making right investments. The same should be true of us who are investing in eternity.

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