August 20, 2017

Barkless Dogs

Phil Shuler

Frontline • January/February 2000

Editor’s note: This article, as you can see by the header above, was published some time ago. In light of the turmoil of today it seems timely. May God move us to revival in our churches!

Why is our society so morally and spiritually out of control today? Why have we swung from an honorable society to a society of crime, sex, and humanism? Why has America accepted the loss of prayer at our social functions? Shall we blame politicians? Does the finger point solely at public school administration? How about Hollywood?

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2017 NYC Regional Fellowship of the FBFI

Tuesday, September 12

Grace Baptist Church
798 Hempstead Turnpike
Franklin Square, NY 11010

Hosted by: Heritage Baptist Church in NYC

Guest Speaker: Chaplain Joe Willis

We are thrilled to welcome Chaplain Joe Willis to New York City for the Regional Fellowship of the Foundations Baptist Fellowship & our New York City Fellowship Meeting on Tuesday, September 12. This meeting will be held at Grace Baptist Church, 798 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY. We will begin at 9 am with a breakfast and conclude with a luncheon at 12 noon. (See below for more information!) [Read More…]

Does the Bible Really Teach Two Types of Forgiveness?

Kristopher Schaal

I’d like to make a case for two distinct types of forgiveness.

When a person gets saved, God forgives all of his sinpast, present, and future. This is often referred to as “positional forgiveness.” Although some people may not like that term, I don’t think anyone even close to orthodoxy really disputes the idea.

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The Doctrine of Separation Part 2

In The Doctrine of Separation Part 2, Dr. David Innes emphasizes the counterbalance to separation, Christian unity. Fundamentalists are known for separation, but separation must be held in tension with the biblical commands to love one another.

As he begins his message, Dr. Innes notes:

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Killing Giants Sometimes

Thomas Overmiller

Sometimes we draw the wrong lessons from Old Testament historical accounts, like David and Goliath for instance. Who hasn’t heard a sermon or a song about killing your giants? But is it really true that if you 1) obey your parents (1 Sam. 17:15), 2) see that there is a cause (1 Sam. 17:29), 3) learn from past victories (1 Sam. 17:37), 4) refuse to trust in human methods (1 Sam. 17:39), 5) pick up five smooth stones (1 Sam. 17:40), 6) declare the victory for the glory of God (1 Sam. 17:46), and 7) run into the battle without second-guessing yourself (1 Sam. 17:48) that you will defeat the giants in your life? Always?

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