July 2, 2015

Concerning Marriage and Sexual Morality

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International

Position Statement 13.01

The following statement regarding marriage and sexual morality reflects the clear and consistent Biblical teaching, the consistent historical position of Christianity in general and of Fundamental Baptists in particular and has always been and remains the unwavering theological conviction of the FBFI. Adherence to the clear teaching of Scripture on marriage and sexual morality is and has always been fundamental to obedient, Biblical Christianity.

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Many Voices Responding to the Court

The United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 to affirm the right of homosexual marriage. The decision settles a question in one sense, but the debate is far from settled. Many Christians are responding from all over the landscape. It is heartening to see that those who hold to generally conservative principles of Bible interpretation are speaking with one voice on the matter, though they may be divided in other areas of theology and practice.

With this post, we offer a sampling of responses across the internet. We don’t agree with everything each writer or organization says or does, but we appreciate these statements:

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A Supremely Stunning Decision

Matt Recker

In their 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015, the highest court now imposes a nationwide mandate that redefines marriage for all fifty states. Our highest court has redefined what they did not design and the consequences will be far-reaching in the days ahead.

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Steak, Sexuality and the New Orthodoxy

Joel Arnold

One Friday after work, Bill and John went out for steak. They had a great time, and the next week John ran into Bill at the water cooler.

John: “Hey, steak again tomorrow?”
Bill: “You disgusting, carnivorous animal killer. I wouldn’t let a piece of dead animal get within 10 feet of my mouth.”
John: “What?”
Bill: “I became a vegetarian yesterday. And you need to change, too. I can’t believe how medieval your view on this is. It’s horrible. If you don’t change your regressive ways right now, my friends and I can’t associate with you. Goodbye.”

John was confused.

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The Hermeneutics of Homosexuality

Mark Ward

Originally published in 2013, this article deals with Biblical interpretation and the raging controversy of homosexuality.

Changing American Attitudes toward Homosexuality

The pace of change in American attitudes toward homosexuality is something no one could have predicted when a Democratic president signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

Witness the difference even four years can make: When president-elect Barack Obama selected Evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural prayer in 2009, a hue and cry was soon raised over Warren’s opposition to homosexuality. Apparently, a compromise was reached: homosexual Episcopalian bishop V. Gene Robinson got to pray too.

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