January 16, 2018

Pioneer Missions: A Review

Pioneer Missions: Meet the Challenges, Share the Blessings Forrest McPhail Reviewed by Don Johnson Please note: the Kindle edition of Pioneer Missions is available until April 16, 2017 for no charge. Forrest McPhail, veteran missionary to Cambodia with Gospel Fellowship Association Missions, has written a book on missionary work that can be applied to many […]

Missions Testimonies

This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. Why Aren’t You Afraid? Stephanie Boehm Our area of Italy has recently been shaken by a series of earthquakes. August 24, 2016, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed Amatrice (about 1 hour away from us) and other nearby cities, killing about 300 people and rendering many others […]

Praying Biblically for Your Missionary: Clarity

Alan Patterson This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. [Part 1] What is the connection between a politician and a vacuum cleaner? Keep reading to find out! First, however, consider God’s wisdom displayed in the beautiful progression of thoughts in the points we are studying. The first matter of praying for missionaries is […]

Your Part in Missions

Don Johnson This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. We call the process of missionary fund-raising “deputation.” Deputation means “the act of appointing a deputy.”[1] When a missionary comes to your church, the missionary is seeking to represent you as your deputy, serving in your place in another location. The function the missionary […]

Biblical Basis for Deputation

Alan Patterson This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. The Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions explains what happens in the current practice of deputation: “In the deputation process initial missionary appointees visit churches and other gatherings of Christians to present their ministry for the purpose of developing prayer and financial support to underwrite […]

Putting Deputation in Perspective

Mark Batory The recent issue of GFA Missions newsletter, “Sowing & Reaping,” prompts an emphasis on Missions here at Proclaim & Defend. We will reproduce several of their outstanding articles this week. We encourage you to learn more about GFAM and other good fundamental Baptist mission boards. Pray for their missionaries and support those you […]

Reaching the Pearls of the Pacific for Christ

David Utter Travel posters and calendars mesmerize us with beautiful scenes from tropical islands scattered across the Pacific. Decades ago, Robert Louis Stevenson gave the designation “Pearls of the Pacific” to the Marshall Islands. God has truly displayed His capacity for lovely creation in many of these remote places. Yet that beauty is often marred […]

Highlighting the History of Christianity in India

Mike Reddick It has been said that India is the mother of one of the oldest and most complex religions of the world: Hinduism. This native Indian belief system has produced many offspring including Jainism, Sikhism, Hare Krishna, Transcendental Meditation, the New Age Movement, and Buddhism. Sadly, today billions of people around the globe adhere […]

Baptists and World-Wide Missions

J. Whitcomb Brougher, D. D. Pastor, Temple Baptist Church, Los Angeles, Calif. Editorial note: We are in the midst of a series of posts from the messages delivered at the Pre-Convention Conference of the Northern Baptist Convention, 1920. From the Conference the Fundamental Fellowship was formed which is today known as the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship […]

On the Death of a Friend

Fred Moritz Just this evening (November 16, 2016) I learned that Jan Tolwinski recently passed away in Poland. He was a brother beloved and a faithful servant of Christ. I first met Brother Jan in the early 1980s at Engleside Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia, in a missions conference with Dr. E. Wayne Thompson. Jan […]