November 21, 2017

The Neglected Stepchild of the Bible

Layton Talbert FrontLine • May/June 2003 This column has previously addressed the neglected stepchild of the New Testament, the diminutive but beautiful Book of Philemon. But to another volume belongs the dubious distinction of being perhaps the most misunderstood (and often abused) stepchild of the sacred library as a whole, both Old and New Testaments. […]

The God of Ecclesiastes

Jonathan Threlfall It is deeply ingrained in our intuition that there is some kind of deity out there — a higher power that is responsible for much of what we see and experience. Recently, a study at the University of Oxford concluded that “human thought processes were ‘rooted’ to religious concepts.” (This study came with […]

What We Can Learn from “Vanity” in Ecclesiastes

Jonathan Threlfall When interpreting this “vanity of vanities” mantra, it is important to keep in mind both the scope of “vanity” (everything “under the sun”) as well as the final point of the whole book: “fear God and keep his commandments.” By relentlessly emphasizing that nothing in life will yield certain meaning or ultimate satisfaction […]