November 21, 2017

The Spiritual Nature of the Church

Larry Oats “The church is God’s institution for this age.” We hear this often, and the vast majority of those reading this article would give a hearty amen to the statement. The church, however, is not an “institution” in the modern sense of the word. The Oxford Dictionary defines “institution” as a large organization founded […]

Review: Perspectives on Israel & the Church

Brand, Chad O., ed. Perspectives on Israel and the Church: Four Views. Nashville: B&H, 2015. A review by Brian Collins This book presents the following four perspectives, (1) the traditional covenantal view by Robert L. Reymond, (2) the traditional dispensational view by Robert L. Thomas, (3) the progressive dispensational view by Robert L. Saucy, and […]

Upon This Rock • A Study of Matthew 16:13–20

Layton Talbert This famous theological battleground invites, deserves and rewards close and independent exegetical scrutiny. Interpretational Options The first option, perhaps the most popular view among non-Romanists, is that the “rock” is Christ Himself. This view is defended by the New Scofield Reference Bible, Barbieri (Bible Knowledge Commentary), and somewhat tentatively by Matthew Henry.

The Church and The Kingdom

Wilson Wahl There is much use of the word “kingdom” in today’s fundamental circles as a substitute for the word “church.” I see a danger is this because the New Testament refers to the church as his bride (Rev. 21:9) and the body of Christ (1Cor. 12:27), but never as the kingdom of Christ. It […]