January 16, 2018

Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival

George Stiekes O Lord, revive thy work Habakkuk 3:2 Last week, we noted that real revival is preceded with frequent, serious, often intense prayer. Revival is not normally something the church leadership places on the calendar. However, as God’s people begin to get a burden to see God show Himself strong in our midst, they […]

Baptist Fundamentals: Things Not Shaken

Cortland Myers, D. D. Pastor, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. Editorial note: We are in the midst of a series of posts from the messages delivered at the Pre-Convention Conference of the Northern Baptist Convention, 1920. From the Conference the Fundamental Fellowship was formed which is today known as the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International. The messages […]

Review: The Baptist Story

The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement. Anthony L. Chute, Nathan A. Finn, and Michael A. G. Haykin. Nashville: B & H Academic, 2015. reviewed by Don Johnson The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement ably tells the story of Baptist history from the first stirrings of the Baptist movement to […]

Baptist Fundamentals

In 1920, prior to the main meeting of the Northern Baptist Convention, Bible-believing Baptists were called to a pre-Convention Convention. This was known as the Fundamental Fellowship and is the seminal meeting of Baptists who continue to meet to this day as the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, although the connection with the Northern Convention (now American […]

A Personal Look at Fundamentalism

A farewell interview with Dr. G. Beauchamp Vick, the late patriarch of the Baptist Bible Fellowship Richard G. Adams [Proclaim & Defend editorial note: G. Beauchamp Vick was a leader among Fundamentalist Baptists in the middle of the 20th century. He came from the era of ‘big men’ which has been much maligned of late. […]

A Critical Lesson from the History of Baptist World Mission

Bud Steadman FrontLine March/April 2016 feature article. The abundant fruit of Fundamental Baptist missions around the world in the twentieth century can be directly related to the separatism of that movement, which spawned a number of biblically based mission agencies. A critical lesson concerning the core of a scriptural mission philosophy can and must be […]

In Pursuit of Souls

Edward M. Panosian John Wesley stepped into the spiritual vacuum of eighteenth century England and led a movement that transformed that nation and had far-reaching effects on America as well. [Though not a Baptist, the story of John Wesley remains inspirational and instructive for us today.] “He acts as though he were out of breath […]

Church History Teaches…

Edward M. Panosian It is fashionable to deny that history “teaches” anything, yet there is ample opportunity for any observant person to find fundamental principles and patterns in history. The Bible-believer who studies the history of the Church of Jesus Christ cannot but be impressed with certain basic and recurrent truths concerning that Church.

John Wesley—The Prodigious Worker

Sam Horn In John Wesley, God sent to His church one of her most prodigious laborers in the gospel. Wesley traveled more than 250,000 miles in the course of more than fifty years of ministry. He wrote or edited more than 200 works of sermons, hymns, and commentaries, and he founded the Methodist denomination and […]

Sketches of Non-Conformists (3)

Mark Minnick Part One ♦ Part Two ♦ This is Part Three [Part One introduced the historical situation of the Non-Conformist preachers of seventeenth century England and offered our first three sketches. In Part Two and now Part Three, the sketches continue.] St. Hilary, Mr. Joseph Sherwood. Soon after his ejection he was cited to […]