November 21, 2017

Christmas Cookies in an Empty Coffee Can

Volker Stoeckmann I sat listening intently as a middle-aged widow, the mother of four, taught us Bible stories in her broken English. She made the Bible come to life for my impressionable young mind as she pulled figures of Moses, Daniel, Ruth, John the Baptist, and the Christ-child out from the pages of her Bible […]

Providence in the Incarnation of Christ (2)

Layton Talbert The following is an excerpt from the book, Not by Chance: Learning to Trust a Sovereign God (Greenville, S.C.: BJU Press, 2001). Part 1 recounted the providential context of the birth of Christ in history (politics, commerce, language) and then began discussing providential arrangements of specific circumstances including matters concerning John’s conception and […]

Providence in the Incarnation of Christ (1)

Layton Talbert The following is an excerpt from the book, Not by Chance: Learning to Trust a Sovereign God (Greenville, S.C.: BJU Press, 2001). Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle make little sense by themselves. Each by itself is unfinished, incomplete. Each raises questions that can be answered only as it is fitted into its proper […]


George Stiekes And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:13-14 …a multitude of the heavenly host… Can you at all imagine the impact this would have made on the shepherds […]

Why We Make Christmas Last All Month

Pastor Don Johnson Christmas is a problem for some, both Christians and non-Christians. I don’t mean the problems of materialism and the lack of “Christ in Christmas,” I mean the fact that Christmas is celebrated at all. For non-Christians, the objection is a matter of pride as they look down on “The Church” and its […]

FrontLine November/December 2015

FrontLine November/December 2015 | VOLUME 25 | NUMBER 6 God With Us Brian Collins Bible scholars have long discussed what the major themes of the Bible are. God is, of course, at the center of the Bible. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. In revealing Himself to man God also teaches us […]

The Calm of Christmas

Diane Heeney This is a busy, busy time of year. It seems we can become so inundated with “things to do, places to go, and people to see” that our spirits become disheveled and our nerves frayed. Make time in the coming weeks for the calm of Christmas. Turn off Bing Crosby and the Grinch […]

Isaiah 7—The Historical Setting of a Christmas Passage

Layton Talbert Most Christians are familiar with the virgin birth prophecy contained in Isaiah 7. Wander out of 7:14 into the surrounding territory, however, and the textual terrain bristles with peculiar terminology and thorny questions. For instance, what is 7:16 talking about? In the length of time it would take the child to cultivate a […]

The Birth of Christ Brings a Decision

John C. Vaughn Each Gospel writer presents a slightly different perspective. Matthew addresses the Jews to prove that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah. The first three verses of chapter two illustrate the implications of that fact. Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judæa in the days of Herod the king, behold, there […]

Christmas in Bethlehem

When the Shepherd Became My Lamb Wilbur Schoneweis The Christmas season is filled with many marvelous and encouraging themes in which the Christian can rejoice, be comforted, and glorify God. However, the Christian will have to look beyond the usual trappings of the season to find these themes. No season of the year is accompanied […]