January 23, 2018

Around the Web–10/29/12

Deuteronomy’s Riches: A Conversation with Ajith Fernando As a follow up on my series on sanctification, this interview brings some further emphasis on holiness and obedience that is often dismissed in the current climate. 5 of the most difficult challenges pastors face Thom S. Rainer Interesting article, especially the one about the challenge of preaching […]

Chic-Fil-A Belongs in our Cities

by Matt Recker New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Christine Quinn is not only one of the New York State’s most powerful politicians, but she is one of the nation’s most prominent openly gay officials. A top mayoral candidate for the next election, she wrote a letter to New York University president requesting that […]

Around the Web–8/3/12

Tragedy in Indiana: The USA Today account of the fall of Jack Schaap. Jack Schaap has long been a controversial figure in our circles, publishing troubling material in his books and promoting a troubling philosophy of ministry. Still, there is no joy in our hearts in reporting this sad story. Pride goeth before destruction, and […]

Who decides morality?

by Doug Wright Yesterday, supporters and opponents of “gay marriage” rallied around a fast food chicken sandwich provider — somewhat humorous when you think about it. You can express your convictions by eating on Wednesday or kissing on Friday. I will definitely be eating on Wednesday, and I might go Friday with my wife (female) […]

I Ate A Chicken Sandwich On Purpose!

by Doug Wright On Monday I intentionally ate a Chick-fil-A sandwich. I chose to eat at Chick-fil-A as a show of support for Dan Cathy, and in defiance of the social rebuke he is receiving. I went beyond just ordering and eating the tasty chicken sandwich; I expressed to the storeowner my reason for eating […]