December 14, 2017

Review: James Robinson Graves – Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity

Patterson, James A. James Robinson Graves: Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity. Studies in Baptist Life and Thought. Nashville: B & H Academic, 2012. Reviewed by Don Johnson J. R. Graves is noteworthy in Baptist history as the champion of what are called “Landmarkist” beliefs. Graves lived from 1820 to 1893 and is described by […]

Holy of Life, Eloquent of Speech, Patriotic of Spirit

A Slice of Baptist History (FrontLine • May/June 1994) Samuel Stillman was born in Philadelphia on February 27, 1737. At the age of eleven he, along with his parents, moved to South Carolina. Under the preaching of Oliver Hart, he was converted to Jesus Christ. Stillman was baptized by Hart and studied theology under his […]

Origins of the FBFI – A Clarification

Fred Moritz Dr. Kevin Bauder serves as Research Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis. He publishes a weekly newsletter under the title “In the Nick of Time.” In Dr. Bauder’s July 17 letter, he reports on his recent visit to the national meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship […]

A Slice of Baptist History

David Cummins The history of the “Separate Baptists” has been an ignored subject of our Baptist history, and yet we cannot account for the rapid growth of Baptists in the South and the proliferation of the Southern Baptist Convention without considering the influence of this group. Though our primary purpose is not to deal with […]

The First Russian Baptists

Rick Barry The last decade [pre-2002] has seen almost unprecedented opportunities for Christian ministry in Russia. Today, Russian churches— including Baptist churches—enjoy freedoms that they could scarcely dream of for most of the 20th century as they endured the storms of communistic persecution. But the question arises, just where did those Russian Baptist churches come […]

Anticipating Future Persecution

David L. Cummins Terror! Since September 11, that very word has taken on a new meaning to Americans across the land, and fear grips the hearts of many. After all, America has been known as the “Land of the Free,” but surely “911” has taken on a new meaning in our society. While Americans of […]

Seven Vital Volumes for Baptist Pastors

David Cummins One of the joys of an itinerant ministry is visiting pastors’ libraries. I have occasionally discovered books for which I have long searched. Usually, one of my first questions to a host pastor is, “Where is your Baptist section?” On many such occasions pastors appeared confounded. It is apparent that many have never […]

A Baptist Shadow Servant

Betty Henderson I n the years that Queen Victoria reigned, Charles Spurgeon was a giant for God. However, even a godly giant could not accomplish by himself all of the great works Spurgeon did for the glory of God. In the shadow of Mr. Spurgeon, countless men and women served the Lord at the great […]

Are Baptists Protestants?

Gerald L. Priest The answer to that question is a simple yes and no. Some Baptists have suggested that, since their spiritual fathers were not a part of the mainline branches of the Protestant Reformation and therefore did not separate from the Roman Catholic Church as these branches did, they cannot be Protestants. But that […]

Olde World Baptists – Liviu Olah (3)

David Potter An evaluation of the ministry of Liviu Olah The Romanians in the United States were not as receptive to Olah’s message of repentance, and his ministry there was not as fruitful. Unlike Kornya, he had little impact on the Hungarian side of the border, probably due to the difficulty of cross border traffic […]