In order to keep our thoughts focused on the topics under discussion, we felt it necessary to post these Guidelines on Comments and Commenting.

First, please note that comments will be published selectively.

We want comments that are substantive and well reasoned in order to move the discussion of topics forward. We don’t object to dissent!

However, we will evaluate comments for the purpose of advancing the discussion reasonably. If a comment repeats the arguments of an earlier post, it will likely not be published. We don’t want to be reduced to simply repeating ourselves and talking past one another. We also don’t wish to simply provide a platform for an antagonistic emotion filled rant. We want to have a reasonable discussion.

In addition, please keep in mind these guidelines:

  1. Keep on topic–this is not a chat room.
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  6. No posting in “book form;” say what you need to say in a reasonable length
  7. All posts must be in the form of an actual comment; no “links only” comment allowed
  8. No drive-by posting. Say what you will, but be ready to be challenged to support your views and/or claims biblically, historically and theologically; or simply do not post.

The final arbiter for publishing any comment is The Editor.

Some comments may be useful as the basis for entirely new blog posts. The Editor will contact you if he wishes to use your comment in this way. If you would rather not be the “featured foundation” of a new post, feel free to decline.

Finally, we do hope that you will comment, whether your comments become part of the online discussion or not.