December 14, 2017

Martin Luther — The Man Who Started the Reformation

Sam Horn Bring … the Books FrontLine • September/October 2006 Since your Imperial Majesty requires a plain answer, I will give one without horns or hoof! It is this: that I must be convinced either by the testimony of Scripture or by clear arguments. I cannot trust the Pope or Councils by themselves, since it […]

The Facts of Compassion

Matt Recker FrontLine • January/February 2006 While waiting for a subway train a man stood next to me looking truly grotesque. Huge tumor-like growths protruded from all over his face. Some of these swellings began on his cheek and hung down past his neck. I glanced at his hands and similar fat growths covered them […]

Where Do You Place Your Trust?

Ken Endean FrontLine • November/December 2006 Not in Arrogant Posturing Frank Koch relates an incident that occurred while he was serving on a U.S. Navy battleship involved in training maneuvers. For several days bad weather had encircled the squadron. Fog hampered visibility and caused the captain to remain on deck to watch the activities. Shortly […]

Windows into the Life of a Pastor and His Assistant

Mike Stalnaker Windows • FrontLine • September/October 2007 This issue’s Windows emphasizes the theme of ministry assistants. Both the senior pastor and assistant pastor are to be faithful in their obligations. The Foundation of a Ministry Assistant George Ella tells of a time when the members of John Gill’s church encouraged him to hire an […]

Principles of Christian Service from the Unprofitable Servant

Luke 17:7–10 Matt Recker FrontLine • November/December 2007. Serving God is wonderful and satisfying … sometimes. It is fantastic if we do it for God and not man, and if we accomplish it in God’s power and not our own. When we lose focus on God, then service can be burdensome; and when done in […]

Straight Cuts: Christ as Firstborn (Colossians 1:15)

Tom Wheeler FrontLine • March/April 2002. One of the most important doctrines of our Christian faith is the deity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus must be God to save us (Isa. 45:21, 22). Jehovah’s Witnesses, among others, deny this Biblical truth. One passage that they twist in an attempt to deny Christ’s […]

Straight Cuts: “The Yearning of the Spirit” James 4:5

David Pennington Frontline Pastor’s Insert • January/February 2002 Many consider James 4:5 to be one of the most difficult passages to interpret within the entire epistle. Some believe it is one of the most difficult verses to interpret within the entire New Testament. While every Bible student will wrestle with this challenging verse, interpreting and […]

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Randy Fox FrontLine Pastor’s Insert • January/February 2008 As a young child I was taught to close my prayers with the words “in Jesus’ name, Amen.” Most Christians wouldn’t think of ending a prayer, public or private, without affixing some reference to Jesus’ name. Why do we do that? Why, when we hear someone pray […]

What’s an Evangelical to Do? (8)

Mark Minnick FrontLine • March/April 2009 Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 ♦ Part 6 ♦ Part 7 To recap, Part 7, posted yesterday, covers Dr. Minnick’s discussion of Romans 16:17 and 2 Corinthians 6:14–7:1. He continues in today’s post with further discussion from 2 John and […]

What’s an Evangelical to Do? (7)

Mark Minnick FrontLine • March/April 2009 Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 ♦ Part 6 This is the last of four columns [broken into six Proclaim & Defend posts, see links above] addressing the problem of theological confusion within Evangelicalism. That it is reaching an epidemic level […]