November 21, 2017

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A. T. Robertson and Preaching

Wally Morris I grew up going to Southern Baptist churches. The church I went to for most of my childhood and teenage years was established in 1937. I have distinct, good memories of that church and its people. The red brick church with its white columns and large, brick steps, located in coastal Georgia not […]

The Reformation Is Not Finished

Wally Morris I recently attended a “Faith and Spirituality in Politics” luncheon hosted by our state senator. We met at a Catholic retreat center located in our town. The retreat center is very beautiful and peaceful. The luncheon was interesting and helpful, as far as understanding more about how people who say they are Christians […]

Approving Alcohol, Prohibiting Marijuana: An Inconsistent Position

Wally Morris One of the most significant changes in attitude and behavior among conservative Evangelicals and some Fundamentalists is the acceptance of the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The increase in consumption of beer, wine, and liquor is characteristic of the wider American culture and influencing Christians as well. One reason BJU published a book about […]

Clapping vs. Amen — Which Will Win?

Wally Morris The increase in clapping of the hands in churches as a response to musical ministries and even preaching is one of the obvious changes taking place in many churches. What I find intriguing is why? What is behind this growing preference for hand clapping as a sign of approval rather than “Amen”, “Praise […]

FrontLine Jul/Aug 2017: Excerpts

To whet your appetite for our latest issue, we offer here some excerpts from several of the articles in this issue. Proclaim and Defend Don Johnson So when we say “proclaim,” we mean to edify, but we mean to edify with a purpose. We want spiritual strength to come from that feeding. We want those […]

FrontLine Jul/Aug 2017: Proclaim and Defend

July/August 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 4 Our theme for this issue of FrontLine starts with the words “Proclaim and Defend.” These words are the name of the FBFI blog ( and sum up the purpose of FBFI. We intend to faithfully proclaim God’s truth to saints and sinners alike and to defend God’s […]

What Is the Point of Exercise?

Wally Morris It’s not a secret that obesity is a growing problem among Americans. I recently read that 69% of Americans are overweight. How ironic in a society that is fascinated by sports and fitness. Even small communities like the one I live in have a gym or YMCA. I have been cycling since the […]

The Ministry of Funerals for Unbelievers

Wally Morris My wife and I have been serving the Lord at Charity Baptist Church for almost 23 years, longer than any other pastor in Huntington. Our town is a small town (less than 18,000 people) and the population is decreasing as businesses are closing. Huntington is a rural, farming area with light industry and […]

The Emptiness of a Full Life

Wally Morris “What shall it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Matthew 8:36). I recently watched a brief video highlighting the comments of novelists, poets, and other authors concerning their belief in God, or rather lack of belief in God. The purpose of the video was […]

The Impact of a Book

Wally Morris I collect different editions of John Broadus’ The Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. I have 20 different editions of this book. Broadus was a Southern Baptist instrumental in starting Southern Seminary. I grew up in Southern Baptist churches but ended my association with SBC churches in the late 1970s as liberalism and neo-orthodoxy […]