July 22, 2017

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The Ministry of Funerals for Unbelievers

Wally Morris My wife and I have been serving the Lord at Charity Baptist Church for almost 23 years, longer than any other pastor in Huntington. Our town is a small town (less than 18,000 people) and the population is decreasing as businesses are closing. Huntington is a rural, farming area with light industry and […]

The Emptiness of a Full Life

Wally Morris “What shall it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Matthew 8:36). I recently watched a brief video highlighting the comments of novelists, poets, and other authors concerning their belief in God, or rather lack of belief in God. The purpose of the video was […]

The Impact of a Book

Wally Morris I collect different editions of John Broadus’ The Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. I have 20 different editions of this book. Broadus was a Southern Baptist instrumental in starting Southern Seminary. I grew up in Southern Baptist churches but ended my association with SBC churches in the late 1970s as liberalism and neo-orthodoxy […]

Walking On Water

Wally Morris I recently finished a Sunday night preaching series on the miracles of Christ. We focused primarily on the miracles found in only one Gospel (eighteen) and a few of the more well-known miracles. Only one miracle is recorded in all four Gospels (feeding 5,000 men plus the women and children). The variety of […]

Why Is Compromise Always One Direction?

Wally Morris Whether the subject is politics or some Biblical issue, the direction of compromise always seems to be in the direction of what you could call the “liberalizing end” of the issue. For example, let’s look at politics and associated moral issues. Democrats generally wish to spend more money, and Republicans generally wish to […]


Wally Morris Definition of “solitude”: being alone or isolated; cut off voluntarily or involuntarily from other people, entirely by oneself, standing apart from the rest of the world; originally from Latin solus (alone) Synonyms of “solitude”: seclusion, privacy, isolation; loneliness, wilderness Every pastor understands the meaning and significance of the word “solitude”. If he doesn’t, […]

“Settled? … Maybe Not”

Wally Morris Should we accept that a moral issue has reached the point where continuing to fight for Biblical standards is not a wise use of our time and resources? That is the question Christians face as President Trump seems uninterested in the issue of homosexual marriage, calling it “settled law”. In his acceptance speech […]

The Charismatic Problem

Wally Morris I grew up in Southern Baptist churches, baptized when I was 12, saved when I was 17, and re-baptized a few months later. Except for reading the Sunday School quarterly, I had not been to any Bible studies until I went to college and became involved with a college student ministry (the old […]

The Truth: The World’s Greatest Fear

Wally Morris We see it in the Old Testament – Pharaoh threatens Moses, Saul threatens David, Jezebel threatens Elijah, Asa imprisons Hanani. We see it in the New Testament – Herod threatens the young Christ, the Pharisees and others threaten the older Christ, the Sanhedrin threatens Peter and John, Saul threatens the Christians, the Jews […]

ETS Revisited

Don Johnson Earlier this year we published a series of articles on the Evangelical Theological Society, an organization in which some fundamentalists hold membership. Our articles called those who participate to actively seek to enforce the orthodoxy of members or to sever their relationships with the ETS. Recent news concerning the ETS underscores the urgency […]