January 19, 2018

The FBFI statement on the Nashville Statement

Kevin Schaal

On Tuesday, August 29, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood released the Nashville Statement publicly identifying and proclaiming the basic tenets of biblical sexuality. While the FBFI has no particular connection with this organization, we would agree with the 14 articles of the Nashville Statement both in substance and tone. They reflect the position that the FBFI has always held on the subject of human sexuality. In a day when the whole idea of human sexuality is in such confusion, it is necessary to identify biblical truth and publicly stand by it, regardless of the pressure, criticism or even persecution that may come. God’s instructions regarding human sexuality are not intended to stifle or harm humanity, but rather to instruct human beings regarding how the Creator designed His world to function, and to protect mankind from the misery, and destruction that comes from the misuse of the human body. The confusion today results from the denial of the Creator and His authority over His world. The solution to this denial is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and its life transforming power.


  1. If we accept that a moral God created all things and gave mankind a sense of right and wrong, then we must also accept that we are answerable to that God as our moral standard and judge. The biblical foundation provides us with the most sensible explanation to these dilemmas, though it is not always palatable from a political perspective.


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