December 12, 2017

All You Need To Know About The Devil

Bob Jones, Sr.

The Bible teaches that there is a personal devil. There are as many evidences of a personal devil as there are of a personal God.

When I speak of a “personal devil’ you immediately think of a human being. A human being is a person, but a person is not necessarily a human being. He hasn’t your human form, but he is just as much a person as you are a person. He is a self-conscious being with a free will.

We know a great many things about the devil. According to the Bible, he was at one time an angel in Heaven and set himself up against God. In other words, he attempted to rival God. He fell through pride. He was the first rebel against the will of God. He was cast out of Heaven into the world, bringing with him one-third of the angelic hosts. The devil is not in Hell, He is going to Hell. His doom is sealed, but he is not there now. He is in this world and is spoken of as the “god of this world” and “the prince of the power of the air.”

The devil seeks to be worshiped. He attempts to rival God. If God has a religion, the devil has a religion. If God has a genuine piece of money, the devil has a counterfeit piece of money. You remember in the Old Testament when God’s servant threw down his rod and it became a serpent and then the devil’s servants threw down their rods and they became serpents. There are a great many church people today who cannot understand the difference between a serpent produced by the power of God from the rod of a Christian, and the serpent produced by the power of the devil from the rod of a servant of the devil.

The devil does not have a forked tail, or crooked horns, or a pitchfork. The devil is a deceiver. A forked-tailed, crooked horned monster could not deceive anybody. The devil comes as an angel of light He does not wear ragged clothes. He wears a full dress suit. He is the most charming personality in all the world. He comes in the name of religion. He comes with the kind of something he calls church membership, but all the time he strikes at simple saving faith in the atoning blood which Jesus Christ shed on the cross.

—excerpted from False Religions, available from the Bob Jones University Press.

Published in Faith for the Family, September / October 1974. Republished here by permission.

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