The Northland International University Controversy

John Vaughn

Northland International University posted a video presenting a praise band called “Redeemed” that has been formed for the purpose of edifying youth groups in the region and to recruit students. The news release about the group was found here:, until the afternoon of April 4th, and a video of the group can be seen here.

Discussions of music, issues of separation, and standards have multiplied over decisions at Northland in recent years, and will no doubt multiply exponentially from this point. However, one thing is clear: this video ends the fiction that “Northland has not changed.”

John Vaughn, President, FBFI

Update: Please note, the first link in this article is no longer ‘live’. We include it here to note that a news release was published and then withdrawn.

The Redeemed Ministry Team link

The Redeemed Ministry Team promotional video link