January 23, 2018

Around the Web–10/29/12

Deuteronomy’s Riches: A Conversation with Ajith Fernando

  • As a follow up on my series on sanctification, this interview brings some further emphasis on holiness and obedience that is often dismissed in the current climate.

5 of the most difficult challenges pastors face
Thom S. Rainer

  • Interesting article, especially the one about the challenge of preaching more than one message a week. Don’t most pastors preach more than one message a week? The vast majority of churches have a staff of one. Most pastors face this challenge. Perhaps a reason behind flagging attendance at evening services is non-compelling preaching.

Marijuana-dependent teens’ loss of I.Q. poses long-term dangers

  • Disturbing statistics about the effects of marijuana use.

Report: Chick-fil-A Finds Increase in Business Amid Controversy

“Perhaps all publicity really is good publicity: Chick-fil-A also was on more minds in Q3 2012 as measured by unaided brand awareness and total advertising awareness,” remarked Sandelman & Associates.

Review: Not a Fan
Kyle Idleman | Review by: Matt Smethurst

  • This review describes a book that will likely resonate with independent Fundamental Baptists. It is a call to Christians to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ, not mere ‘fans’ who applaud him (but refuse to follow him). The review has two strong objections to the book under review – however, these objections betray the prejudices of the reviewer and a distorted view of sanctification and the church. If the book under review successfully communicates what the reviewer says it does, the book sounds like a welcome tool in the hands of disciple-makers.

Review: The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert
Rosaria Champagne Butterfield | Review by: Nancy Guthrie

  • Very interesting review of a very interesting conversion. She who has been forgiven much…

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