Around the Web–3.30.12

Taking God’s name in vain – how often do you do it?

No one ever says, “Oh my Satan,” or a watered-down “Oh my Santa.” Or, for that matter, “Oh my spaghetti” or “Oh my desk”? Why do unbelievers always use “Oh my God”? We know why — the god of this world is influencing them to use words that diminish reverence for the Almighty God. Why should Christians even mimic that with a watered-down “Oh my gosh”?

Archbishop of Canterbury to Step Down at End of Year

With his departure, Archbishop Williams will leave behind a church deeply split, with little sign the divisions can be reconciled by any successor, or even that a fundamental schism can be averted.

The Church is Not Israel

If the Church began at Pentecost, then it did not begin or exist in the Old Testament.

Price of the Shekel Rises to $1 Million

An American collector paid $1.1 million for an ancient Judean coin at an auction in New York earlier this month.

Getting to Know the Goldilocks Planet

“I believe Kepler will find a ‘Goldilocks planet’ within the next two years,” says Shawn Domagal-Goldman, a researcher at NASA HQ who specializes in exoplanet biology. “We’ll be able to point at a specific star in the night sky and say ‘There it is—a planet that could support life!'”

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