March 28, 2017

The Sermon and the “Sermonater”

George Stiekes Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15 Have you ever wondered all that the pastor must do in order to prepare a good sermon?

Preaching Old Testament Narratives, a review

Walton, Benjamin H. Preaching Old Testament Narratives. Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 2016. Reviewed by Don Johnson The average person in the pew probably has little interest in books on preaching. The possible exception might be those who are responsible for teaching Sunday school classes, especially for junior high and older young people. Preachers should always […]

The Right Use of the Law

Don Johnson The apostle Paul, in the first chapter of 1 Timothy opens with an exhortation to teach “no other doctrine.” He elaborates on this by a discussion of “the commandment” and “the law” which seems to run contrary to the way many people view the law these days. 1 Tim 1.5-8 Now the end […]

Why We Make Christmas Last All Month

Pastor Don Johnson Christmas is a problem for some, both Christians and non-Christians. I don’t mean the problems of materialism and the lack of “Christ in Christmas,” I mean the fact that Christmas is celebrated at all. For non-Christians, the objection is a matter of pride as they look down on “The Church” and its […]

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Don Johnson In discussing the interpretation of Psalm 44, my friend Mark Ward observes, “Psalm 44 doesn’t just express the nation’s feelings of frustration; it expresses their faith. They still instinctively reached out to Yahweh and not to other gods.” It strikes me that we can see this on display in Jeremiah 27 as well, […]

Truth through Personality (2)

Mark Minnick Yesterday we began an article by Dr. Minnick which introduced the lectures of Phillips Brooks on preaching. This article is an edited version of Brooks’ first lecture. The key idea of preaching, in Brooks’ terminology, is found in our title, “Truth through Personality.” Part One introduced these two components of preaching and then […]

Truth through Personality (1)

Mark Minnick One of the striking anomalies of church history is that God sometimes uses even unorthodox preachers to throw brilliant light on sacred subjects. A case in point is the 19th-century Episcopalian minister Phillips Brooks. Brooks considered himself an evangelical and even led in prayer during a series of evangelistic meetings held in Boston […]

Prepared to Stand Alone

J. C. Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone Iain H. Murray, Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 2016. 259 pgs. Reviewed by Don Johnson Noted biographer Iain Murray brings us another outstanding piece of work in J. C. Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone. His book is very readable and presents an objective (but warm) account of the […]

Good Preaching vs. God-Honoring Preaching

Jerry Sivnksty As I travel across the country as an evangelist, I have noticed a disturbing trend that grieves my heart. It has to do with churches that use contemporary Christian music: they’ve gotten rid of the hymnals and instead flash their music on large screens to the background of worldly beats. Then the minister […]

2016 FBFI Annual Fellowship audio files now available

Our Annual Fellowship, held this year at the Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, included many powerful messages, a blessing to all in attendance. We would like to share that blessing with you by way of audio recordings available for online listening or download to listen at your convenience. We also have a link […]