June 28, 2017

Honorable Christian Manhood (pt 4)

Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 The need for Honorable Christian Men is great because the Scriptural expectations are great. Many men are no doubt wondering how they can grow in becoming an honorable Christian man. Is there any hope for spiritual growth and victory? The biblical answer is a resounding […]

Honorable Christian Manhood (Pt 3)

Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 The need for Honorable Christian Manhood is great because the assaults on Honorable Christian Manhood are great.

The Ordinances and Pastoral Authority

Thomas Overmiller A Command and a Qualification Churches need leaders, but they also need a biblical understanding of leadership. We too easily fall into the trap of the leadership craze, chasing after leadership books, flocking to leadership conferences and experimenting with all kinds of creative leadership strategies, whether secular or Christian. But biblical leadership is […]

The Second Man: A Unique Breed

Matt Williams A Study in the Role of an Assistant Pastor From the book How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy It. FrontLine • September/October 2007 In the age of ego exaltation and media hype, where is the person who will faithfully serve under the leader of a ministry—seeking only to make his superior […]

Leading Servants

John C. Vaughn FrontLine • September/October 2007 For part 1, see here. Every minister is to be a servant (Matt. 20:26, 27), and every Christian is to be in the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12). Servant-leaders are to be “leaders of servants” as well as servants themselves. On the Front Line introduced the lesson […]

Servant Leaders

John C. Vaughn FrontLine • September/October 2007 A Christlike, servant’s heart is the antidote to selfish ambition. Matthew 20:17–28 makes this clear. Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem for the last time. The roads were filled with travelers on their way to the Passover. Jesus took the twelve aside and told them plainly that […]

On the Death of a Friend

Fred Moritz Just this evening (November 16, 2016) I learned that Jan Tolwinski recently passed away in Poland. He was a brother beloved and a faithful servant of Christ. I first met Brother Jan in the early 1980s at Engleside Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia, in a missions conference with Dr. E. Wayne Thompson. Jan […]

Why the Downward Spiral?

Andy Rupert Have you ever read the Book of Judges in the Bible? It is a sad departure from the victorious Book of Joshua. For some strange reason, the Israelites turned away from the very One who gave them so many victories just a few years before. The book ends with a scene that would […]

Training New Leadership

Paul Downey The Bible doesn’t provide a lot of biographical information about the man known as Barnabas in the Book of Acts, but it does present a man worthy of our admiration and emulation. His selflessness and generosity are seen in accounts of his activities as well as in the sometimes surprising silence of the […]

The Promise and Perils of Speaking Up

David Shumate Our family recently visited the Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson, Arizona. The museum was inside a decommissioned nuclear missile silo that was part of America’s strategic defense system during the Cold War. There, underground, behind blast doors designed to withstand a nuclear attack, we saw the control room where Air Force crews […]