April 30, 2017

The Gift

Carol Loescher John 12:46 “I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on Me should not abide in darkness.” There are grades of poverty and degrees of darkness. At first, I took her for a woman who was mentally ill. She sat in the dust, rolled in the dirt, and gave no […]

All Things to All Men—or—Be Ye Separate

Randolph Shaylor An important principle of the Word of God is separation from doctrinal and ecclesiastical compromise and from unrighteous lifestyles and practices. Yet we are inundated with publications and ministries that insist that we must attract people, especially young people, by appealing to contemporary desires. Paul’s statement “I am made all things to all […]

The Message of the Gospel

Fred Moritz Much confusion exists today over the answer to this question, “What is the Gospel?” We who believe the Bible can give a straightforward answer to that question. The Bible teaches that the Gospel is the message of Christ’s death and resurrection for the sinful human race. People who place their faith in Christ […]

Thanksgiving for Partnership in the Gospel

Don Johnson In Canada, today is Thanksgiving Day. Our American friends may find it strange that, for us in the True North, Thanksgiving is not the beginning of the shopping season, but aside from that difference, the day is pretty similar and the sentiments it represents and expresses are very much the same on both […]

Repentance in the Presentation of the Gospel

Dr. John Mincy There are few topics that evoke as much emotion among Baptist pastors as REPENTANCE. As in most controversial cases, there are two opposing viewpoints that are trying to be protected. Some are trying to protect the position that the Gospel should not be presented as “easy-believism,” and, therefore, argue that much emphasis […]

Preaching the Gospel

Matt Recker It seems strange to say that a missing element in much preaching is Jesus Christ and His gospel of grace, but I believe it is so. Even in my own experience, I have found that I can preach on Christian living, worldliness, the decaying culture, church growth, or a host of other topics […]

Shifting From “Come” to “Go”

Kevin Schaal As I pored through hundreds of decision cards I could not help but weep. It’s an experience that is hard to describe and even harder to believe for laborers in North America, but in the Philippines things are different. Student Movement for Christ International (SMCI), a Fundamental student evangelistic organization in the Philippines, […]

The Deadly Menace of the Cultural Mandate

G. Archer Weniger Editor’s note: The following article contains some dated references due to its original publication in 1974. The subject of the article, the ‘Cultural Mandate,’ is no longer current terminology, but many Christians and churches are preoccupied with social causes that resemble the terminology. Consequently, we republish this article for sober reflection by […]

Sacrifice or Privilege?

Mark Batory When missionaries are mentioned, the image often evoked is that of men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice of family and friends and end up having to endure the toils of a difficult, lonely, deprived life in some remote corner of the world. Regrettably, many of today’s Christians view missionary service […]

What Do We Build That Lasts?

Wally Morris For a brief time in high school, I was the president of our local archeology club. I grew up in southern Georgia near the coast, an area of arrowheads, shark’s teeth, and colonial history. Just north of where I lived is St. Simons Island where John and Charles Wesley ministered to the soldiers […]