April 30, 2017

Observations About Those Who Are Still Here

Don Johnson This week we are featuring our March/April FrontLine, I hope you’ve seen our previous articles.[1] In this post, I’d like to take note of several themes I see repeating in each testimonial. Editorials and Contents — here; Why I’m Still Here by Mark Ward; Previews — here. [↩]

Why We’re Still Here – Previews

We are promoting FrontLine this week. We offered a look at the latest issue with its opening editorials and contents on Monday. Yesterday we published the lead article by Mark Ward, “Why I’m Still Here.” The articles in this issue of the magazine consist of testimonials from younger fundamentalists speaking to their reasons for remaining […]

Why I’m Still Here

Mark L. Ward Jr. Few people willingly call themselves “fundamentalists” today. I try to do so only when I get to explain what I mean. So let me explain: I’m a (Christian, Protestant, Baptist) “fundamentalist” because I value four things—four things which make me believe, in turn, that the particular brand of fundamentalism I inherited […]

Why We’re Still Here

FrontLine March/April 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 2 John Vaughn and Mark Ward The Mail Bag section of the November/ December issue of FrontLine included an excerpt from a letter from Dr. Mark Ward, who writes On Language & Scripture for FrontLine. My editorial response mentioned the possibility of this special issue of FrontLine. […]

Why Is Compromise Always One Direction?

Wally Morris Whether the subject is politics or some Biblical issue, the direction of compromise always seems to be in the direction of what you could call the “liberalizing end” of the issue. For example, let’s look at politics and associated moral issues. Democrats generally wish to spend more money, and Republicans generally wish to […]

The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International Is Alive and Well

My friend Jeff Straub’s headline, “The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship is No More” is inaccurate and misleading. The FBFI will continue to function under its corporate name, Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International, Inc. FBFI members and readers of both FrontLine magazine and our blog, Proclaim and Defend will notice little or no change in references to FBFI […]

What’s an Evangelical to Do? (2)

Mark Minnick Yesterday we ran part 1 of this article. It closed with these words: There are some counterfeits that you can’t detect over lunch, but you can when you hear them preach or if you spend a little time circulating inside their ministries. But from the passage it appears that there’s also a kind […]

What’s an Evangelical to Do? (1)

Mark Minnick In 1989 the National Association of Evangelicals, together with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, sponsored a four-day conference for over 650 Evangelical scholars, pastors, and leaders. The purpose was to discuss which truths of the historic Christian faith that a person must affirm in order to be termed an “Evangelical.” Plenary speakers and respondents […]

Book Review: Iain H. Murray, Evangelicalism Divided

James Singleton FrontLine Jan/Feb 2004. Editorial Note: In light of our recently published issue on Convergence, this review from 2004 concludes with some probing questions that sound particularly applicable to our current situation. Iain H. Murray, Evangelicalism Divided, Banner of Truth Trust, 2000. This is an incisive and amazing book. Although its author would not […]

The Church of the Fundamentalists – A Review

Review by Don Johnson Larry R. Oats. The Church of the Fundamentalists: An Examination of Ecclesiastical Separation in the Twentieth Century. Watertown, WI: Maranatha Baptist Press, 2016. 176 pgs. Larry Oats prefaces his new book, The Church of the Fundamentalists, by noting “While much has been written on the histories of the fundamentalist and evangelical […]