August 19, 2017

The Doctrine of Separation Part 1

This week we are again featuring Dr. David Innes, pastor of Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco.

An Evangelical Take on Ecumenism

Don Johnson Mike Riccardi serves on the staff of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles and blogs at, a group blog of interest to the more conservative amongst professing believers. The writing at Cripplegate is often outstanding, although there will be key points of difference between their team and those who write here at […]

Greatest Strength and Weakness of Independent Baptist Churches

John Van Gelderen Last week on the Revival Focus Facebook and Twitter accounts, we asked what people considered to be the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of Independent Baptist churches. Regarding the greatest strength, for the most part the responses indicated a high view of the Word of God, such as preaching, teaching, doctrine, […]

Inerrancy and Fundamentalism

Don Johnson The other day, in “Is the Doctrine of Inerrancy a Fundamentalist Invention?” Justin Taylor posted a link to an article by John D. Woodbridge entitled: “Evangelical Self-Identity and the Doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy.” Taylor briefly summarizes Woodbridge’s conclusion, answering the question of his title in the negative. Woodbridge makes the case that the […]

Challenges Facing Fundamentalism in the New Millennium (repeat)

James Singleton These words were published seventeen years ago (and republished on P&D in 2012). Their insight into the signs of the times are worth reading again. FrontLine • March/April 2000 It was said that Rip Van Winkle slept through the American Revolution. Today we face a cultural crisis that began in the last few […]

Pulpit or Pew – How Our Place in the Church Affects Our View of Separation

Don Johnson Much discussion followed our last FrontLine issue (“Why We’re Still Here” March/April 2017), both here and elsewhere online. As always with internet discussion, some was inane, prejudiced, annoying, irrelevant, thoughtless, and/or unprofitable. And then there was what others besides me were saying! Seriously, though, any conversations will include a fair amount of chaff […]

Observations About Those Who Are Still Here

Don Johnson This week we are featuring our March/April FrontLine, I hope you’ve seen our previous articles.[1] In this post, I’d like to take note of several themes I see repeating in each testimonial. Editorials and Contents — here; Why I’m Still Here by Mark Ward; Previews — here. [↩]

Why We’re Still Here – Previews

We are promoting FrontLine this week. We offered a look at the latest issue with its opening editorials and contents on Monday. Yesterday we published the lead article by Mark Ward, “Why I’m Still Here.” The articles in this issue of the magazine consist of testimonials from younger fundamentalists speaking to their reasons for remaining […]

Why I’m Still Here

Mark L. Ward Jr. Few people willingly call themselves “fundamentalists” today. I try to do so only when I get to explain what I mean. So let me explain: I’m a (Christian, Protestant, Baptist) “fundamentalist” because I value four things—four things which make me believe, in turn, that the particular brand of fundamentalism I inherited […]

Why We’re Still Here

FrontLine March/April 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 2 John Vaughn and Mark Ward The Mail Bag section of the November/ December issue of FrontLine included an excerpt from a letter from Dr. Mark Ward, who writes On Language & Scripture for FrontLine. My editorial response mentioned the possibility of this special issue of FrontLine. […]