April 30, 2017

Why We’re Still Here – Previews

We are promoting FrontLine this week. We offered a look at the latest issue with its opening editorials and contents on Monday. Yesterday we published the lead article by Mark Ward, “Why I’m Still Here.” The articles in this issue of the magazine consist of testimonials from younger fundamentalists speaking to their reasons for remaining […]

A look inside “A New Beginning for a New Year”

We’d like to give you a preview of some of the articles in the January/December 2017 FrontLine. Information for subscriptions can be found here. Reading Habits of the Wise Brock Mawdesley There is a common dilemma that those who have a love for reading often encounter. That dilemma is making significant progress in reading through […]

A New Beginning for a New Year

FrontLine ♦ January/February 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 1 The end of 2016 brought a national sigh of relief for most Americans, certainly for most believers. The frightful prospect of another Clinton presidency seemed almost certain. Atheistic voters and leftist politicians and bureaucrats were prematurely celebrating what they thought was the coup de grâce […]

A look inside Thank God for Israel

We’d like to give you a preview to some of the articles in the November/December FrontLine. Information for subscriptions can be found here.

Thank God for Israel

FrontLine: November/December 2016 | VOLUME 26 | NUMBER 6 Editorial No doubt you have seen the ads in FrontLine over the years for Pastors’ Tours to Israel. Many pastors who have taken tours with us in conjunction with Shalom Ministries have followed up with Shalom tours sponsored by their churches. In January 2018, Lord willing, […]

Whetting the Appetite

Our promotional article for the latest issue of FrontLine was posted yesterday. Take a look at Dr, Vaughn’s editorial, it will give you a summary of our contents. This issue is one of the most important we have ever published. We’d like you to take a look at it. In order to encourage you to […]

Convergence: FrontLine Sept/Oct 2016

FrontLine — September/October 2016 | VOLUME 26 | NUMBER 5 Editorial John Vaughn In early 2010 an article by Ben Wright appeared on the 9marks.org website titled, “An Evangelical Fundamentalist Convergence?” Pastor Wright saw hope in such a convergence, but we use it here with little optimism. After all, “convergence” is the antonym of separation. […]

Creation — Why It Matters

FrontLine: July/August 2016 | VOLUME 26 | NUMBER 4 Recent rapid changes in American culture were set in motion long ago. Many people failed to see the implications of the theory of evolution and its widespread acceptance. Many theologians followed the siren song of “science falsely so called” (1 Tim. 6:20) and accommodated the theory […]

May/June 2016 FrontLine: Creationism

FrontLine May/June 2016 | VOLUME 26 | NUMBER 3 Creationism The Truth of Scripture Concerning Creation Larry Oats   Dennis Venema is a senior fellow at BioLogos Foundation, a Christian group that attempts to reconcile faith and science. In an August 9, 2011, interview he told Wisconsin National Public Radio that there is no possibility […]

A Critical Lesson from the History of Baptist World Mission

Bud Steadman FrontLine March/April 2016 feature article. The abundant fruit of Fundamental Baptist missions around the world in the twentieth century can be directly related to the separatism of that movement, which spawned a number of biblically based mission agencies. A critical lesson concerning the core of a scriptural mission philosophy can and must be […]