June 23, 2017

Honorable Christian Manhood (pt 8)

Valuing What God Values Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 ♦ Part 6 ♦ Part 7 Our honor, our Christianity and our manhood are things which should be greatly valued by all men claiming to be Christians. As men, we tend to place a value […]

Honorable Christian Manhood (Pt 7)

Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 ♦ Part 6 The Meaning of Manhood There are many faulty views of what manhood means. Here is a list of some faulty notions of what true manhood involves: A supercharged sex life Multiple sexual conquests Sexual attractiveness to women […]

Honorable Christian Manhood (pt 6)

Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 The Meaning of Honorable To many people, being an honorable man might simply mean to practice things that are good, helpful, and kind. A husband might believe he is honorable if he does not commit adultery and if he […]

What Can You Do About Millennials?

Don Johnson On April 30, an article appeared on FoxNews entitled, “Ten reasons millennials are backing away from God and Christianity.” The author is Alex McFarland, Director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University. He appears to base his comments on findings from his own research as well as that of others and […]

Honorable Christian Manhood (pt 2)

Taigen Joos God’s people have always been led by God’s men. From Adam, to Abraham, to Moses, to David, to Peter and Paul, and scores of others, God has historically used men to help lead and guide His people down paths of righteousness and holiness. All of those men were imperfect, and led imperfectly. However, […]

A New Beginning for a New Year

FrontLine ♦ January/February 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 1 The end of 2016 brought a national sigh of relief for most Americans, certainly for most believers. The frightful prospect of another Clinton presidency seemed almost certain. Atheistic voters and leftist politicians and bureaucrats were prematurely celebrating what they thought was the coup de grâce […]

A Child Can Walk with God

Thomas Overmiller Perhaps we underestimate the potential for a child’s walk with God. A child can be born again (Matt. 18:3). (I was born again at 2 years old.) A child can choose to be baptized. And any such child can walk with God. He can develop a meaningful, genuine, vibrant relationship with God. He […]

Training our Children for Ministry

Taigen Joos Having lived in New England for over 16 years now, I have had the opportunity to visit many churches in the region. I am thankful for many godly men who faithfully proclaim God’s Word to their flocks week after week, and we pray regularly for the many churches who are still searching for […]

Reaching and Keeping the 21st Century Teenager

Morris Gleiser Her name was Judy, and she was a part of our youth group. I loved having her with us because she was one of those teenagers who truly enjoyed her time in our youth group family. You see, she didn’t receive any verbal encouragement or support from her parents to attend church; she […]

Graduating Your Children to Christian Service

Don Johnson My title sounds a bit formal, but I mean for this article to be more of a personal testimonial to my own dear mother, in her ninety second year, still irrepressible, but slowing down physically these days. The title owes some inspiration to a visit to Greenville for my daughter’s graduation from University […]