August 19, 2017

Barkless Dogs

Phil Shuler Frontline • January/February 2000 Editor’s note: This article, as you can see by the header above, was published some time ago. In light of the turmoil of today it seems timely. May God move us to revival in our churches! Why is our society so morally and spiritually out of control today? Why […]

Small-Group Sunday School – Getting Practical about the Great Commission

Mark Gillmore FrontLine • May/June 2008 Editor’s Note: Great Commission leadership is one of the core values of the FBFI. It is something that we must do, not just talk about doing. One of the ways in which the Great Commission is being accomplished effectively is through local church small-group Sunday school ministry. The following […]

The Facts of Compassion

Matt Recker FrontLine • January/February 2006 While waiting for a subway train a man stood next to me looking truly grotesque. Huge tumor-like growths protruded from all over his face. Some of these swellings began on his cheek and hung down past his neck. I glanced at his hands and similar fat growths covered them […]

Where Do You Place Your Trust?

Ken Endean FrontLine • November/December 2006 Not in Arrogant Posturing Frank Koch relates an incident that occurred while he was serving on a U.S. Navy battleship involved in training maneuvers. For several days bad weather had encircled the squadron. Fog hampered visibility and caused the captain to remain on deck to watch the activities. Shortly […]

Windows into the Life of a Pastor and His Assistant

Mike Stalnaker Windows • FrontLine • September/October 2007 This issue’s Windows emphasizes the theme of ministry assistants. Both the senior pastor and assistant pastor are to be faithful in their obligations. The Foundation of a Ministry Assistant George Ella tells of a time when the members of John Gill’s church encouraged him to hire an […]

Authority: Right or Wrong?

Reynold Lemp FrontLine • September/October 2007 Authority and chain of command are terms we use when we are referring to “who is in charge.” It may be a grocery store owner, a Little League ball team manager, or a big manufacturing executive. God Himself, and only God, established authority. Even in the heavens the law […]

Right and Wrong Motives in the Ministry

Jerry Sivnksty FrontLine • March/April 2008 The American College Dictionary defines motive as “something that prompts a person to act in a certain way or that determines volition; an incentive. The goal or object of one’s actions.” Every child of God must seriously weigh his motives in serving the Lord. There are many examples in […]

Is Fundamentalism a Cultural Phenomenon?

Gerald L. Priest FrontLine • May/June 2009 One criticism leveled against Fundamentalists is their refusal to engage the culture. Sociologist Alan Wolfe writes, “When believers refuse to engage the culture, their opponents dismiss them as fanatics, frustrated people rendered insecure by the dilemmas and opportunities of modernity.”[1] Implicit in this complaint is resentment toward Fundamentalists […]

Civil Air Patrol: A Pastor’s Opportunity

Daryl S. Jeffers FrontLine • May/June 2009 On a beautiful summer day in 1996 I stood on the porch of the old terminal building at the Jimmy Stewart Municipal Airport in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and watched a challenging competition taking place between some highly skilled aviators. Another spectator observing the same contest saw my interest in […]

Comforting the Brethren

Roger Rodriquez FrontLine • July/August 2006 I am reminded of Matthew 25:40, which reads, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” When our battalion was deployed to Afghanistan, little did I realize the remoteness of where we would be located. Our […]