July 22, 2017

A blog on Worship

Don Johnson We’ve highlighted a new blog recently and would like you to take a look at one of their latest offerings: Worship: It’s More than You Think You might think this is yet another post on music, but that really isn’t Aaron Berry’s point. I fear that many of our worship services or events […]

The Bible

George Stiekes That ye might walk worthy of the LORD unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and INCREASING IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. Colossians 1:10 Our text is very clear as to what our mindset ought to be and what our Christian lives are supposed to be all about. 1) We are […]

Facebook Cannot Replace Your Church

Thomas Overmiller At a recent Facebook rally in Chicago, Mark Zuckerberg suggested that the social network behemoth can effectively replace institutions like “churches and Little Leagues.” Through new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, he aims to draw people together into Facebook Groups to serve similar functions, but in a more meaningful way. In this way, he […]

Counting the Cost of Letting Your Light Shine

Don Johnson “What we need,” say the professors of biblical worldview, “is more young people to take their biblical perspectives into every field — we need Christians in medicine, music, science, sociology, in every field.” I am currently teaching the principles of biblical worldview to the people of our church (using the excellent textbook, Biblical […]

Review: James Robinson Graves – Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity

Patterson, James A. James Robinson Graves: Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity. Studies in Baptist Life and Thought. Nashville: B & H Academic, 2012. Reviewed by Don Johnson J. R. Graves is noteworthy in Baptist history as the champion of what are called “Landmarkist” beliefs. Graves lived from 1820 to 1893 and is described by […]

Honorable Christian Manhood (part 10)

Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 ♦ Part 6 ♦ Part 7 ♦ Part 8 ♦ Part 9 An honorable Christian Man cultivates healthy loves. In the previous entry to this thread, we considered the truth that an honorable Christian man cultivates healthy love. and […]

A helpful blog on Applying Narratives

posted by Don Johnson Today I’d like to highlight a blog post I ran across called: Implications or Applications?: Preaching Biblical Narratives Lest the average reader be put off (i.e. average reader = not a preacher) this article is helpful for personal application as well. When you read the narrative sections of Scripture, how do […]

The Ordinances and Pastoral Authority

Thomas Overmiller A Command and a Qualification Churches need leaders, but they also need a biblical understanding of leadership. We too easily fall into the trap of the leadership craze, chasing after leadership books, flocking to leadership conferences and experimenting with all kinds of creative leadership strategies, whether secular or Christian. But biblical leadership is […]

Grieving the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

George Stiekes Last week we ran Part 1 of this article. We continue today with an additional look at the description of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. May it also instruct us concerning the ways we grieve Him, and build our resolve to please him in every way. – Ed. Know ye not that […]

A Few Blogs Worth Following

Don Johnson The term “blog” is less than twenty years old, a 1999 shortening of the 1997 term “weblog.”[1] There was a time when everyone seemed to have a blog, but that flush of enthusiasm has since subsided. Nevertheless, blogs continue to be published and some of them are of interest to us. We’d like […]