August 19, 2017

Barkless Dogs

Phil Shuler Frontline • January/February 2000 Editor’s note: This article, as you can see by the header above, was published some time ago. In light of the turmoil of today it seems timely. May God move us to revival in our churches! Why is our society so morally and spiritually out of control today? Why […]

2017 NYC Regional Fellowship of the FBFI

Tuesday, September 12 Location: Grace Baptist Church 798 Hempstead Turnpike Franklin Square, NY 11010 Hosted by: Heritage Baptist Church in NYC Guest Speaker: Chaplain Joe Willis We are thrilled to welcome Chaplain Joe Willis to New York City for the Regional Fellowship of the Foundations Baptist Fellowship & our New York City Fellowship Meeting on […]

Does the Bible Really Teach Two Types of Forgiveness?

Kristopher Schaal I’d like to make a case for two distinct types of forgiveness. When a person gets saved, God forgives all of his sin—past, present, and future. This is often referred to as “positional forgiveness.” Although some people may not like that term, I don’t think anyone even close to orthodoxy really disputes the […]

The Doctrine of Separation Part 2

In The Doctrine of Separation Part 2, Dr. David Innes emphasizes the counterbalance to separation, Christian unity. Fundamentalists are known for separation, but separation must be held in tension with the biblical commands to love one another. As he begins his message, Dr. Innes notes:

Killing Giants Sometimes

Thomas Overmiller Sometimes we draw the wrong lessons from Old Testament historical accounts, like David and Goliath for instance. Who hasn’t heard a sermon or a song about killing your giants? But is it really true that if you 1) obey your parents (1 Sam. 17:15), 2) see that there is a cause (1 Sam. […]

Small-Group Sunday School – Getting Practical about the Great Commission

Mark Gillmore FrontLine • May/June 2008 Editor’s Note: Great Commission leadership is one of the core values of the FBFI. It is something that we must do, not just talk about doing. One of the ways in which the Great Commission is being accomplished effectively is through local church small-group Sunday school ministry. The following […]

Religion or Relationship? (Part 2)

George Stiekes Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee (Jeremiah 31:3). We all know that religion will never get anyone into heaven. If God chose not to act on our behalf, no one would get into heaven. He is the first and only “Cause” and He […]

Making Excuses

Don Johnson Lately, a fair number of folks in my circle of friends[1] are passing along an article at Christianity Today, “Why Christians Should Avoid Watching Rape Scenes.” The article takes as strong a stand as CT is ever wont to take, which is to say, they nuance their objections. Apparently other recent articles also […]

The Doctrine of Separation Part 1

This week we are again featuring Dr. David Innes, pastor of Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco.

What Is the Point of Exercise?

Wally Morris It’s not a secret that obesity is a growing problem among Americans. I recently read that 69% of Americans are overweight. How ironic in a society that is fascinated by sports and fitness. Even small communities like the one I live in have a gym or YMCA. I have been cycling since the […]