March 28, 2017

Walking On Water

Wally Morris I recently finished a Sunday night preaching series on the miracles of Christ. We focused primarily on the miracles found in only one Gospel (eighteen) and a few of the more well-known miracles. Only one miracle is recorded in all four Gospels (feeding 5,000 men plus the women and children). The variety of […]

The Blessings of Fellowship Meetings

Don Johnson This week I attended the Northwest Regional FBFI Fellowship meeting, held at Westside Baptist Church in Eugene, OR. If you are interested, you can find our preaching in video format on the church Facebook page. Our regional meeting usually has around 20 to 30 pastors and several church people in attendance and this […]

I AM the Bread of Life

George Stiekes And Jesus said unto them, I AM the bread of life: he that cometh to Me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on Me shall never thirst. John 6:35 There are a number of I AM passages in John’s gospel followed by a metaphor that are used to reveal that Jesus Christ […]

A look inside “A New Beginning for a New Year”

We’d like to give you a preview of some of the articles in the January/December 2017 FrontLine. Information for subscriptions can be found here. Reading Habits of the Wise Brock Mawdesley There is a common dilemma that those who have a love for reading often encounter. That dilemma is making significant progress in reading through […]

A New Beginning for a New Year

FrontLine ♦ January/February 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 1 The end of 2016 brought a national sigh of relief for most Americans, certainly for most believers. The frightful prospect of another Clinton presidency seemed almost certain. Atheistic voters and leftist politicians and bureaucrats were prematurely celebrating what they thought was the coup de grâce […]

Don’t Twist the Scriptures

Thomas Overmiller Many claim to be Bible teachers. They claim to teach the Word of God accurately. But before you believe them, ask whether they are twisting the scriptures to their own advantage. That’s what Peter says at the close of his last letter to the churches.

Missions Testimonies

This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. Why Aren’t You Afraid? Stephanie Boehm Our area of Italy has recently been shaken by a series of earthquakes. August 24, 2016, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed Amatrice (about 1 hour away from us) and other nearby cities, killing about 300 people and rendering many others […]

Praying Biblically for Your Missionary: Clarity

Alan Patterson This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. [Part 1] What is the connection between a politician and a vacuum cleaner? Keep reading to find out! First, however, consider God’s wisdom displayed in the beautiful progression of thoughts in the points we are studying. The first matter of praying for missionaries is […]

Your Part in Missions

Don Johnson This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. We call the process of missionary fund-raising “deputation.” Deputation means “the act of appointing a deputy.”[1] When a missionary comes to your church, the missionary is seeking to represent you as your deputy, serving in your place in another location. The function the missionary […]

Biblical Basis for Deputation

Alan Patterson This is Missions emphasis week at Proclaim & Defend. The Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions explains what happens in the current practice of deputation: “In the deputation process initial missionary appointees visit churches and other gatherings of Christians to present their ministry for the purpose of developing prayer and financial support to underwrite […]