June 28, 2017

Implications of Interpretation

The Effects of Accommodation to Evolutionary Thought Brian Collins FrontLine • July/August 2016 The interpretation of the opening chapters of Genesis is at the forefront of biblical and theological discussion once again. Evangelical scholars have recently put forward new interpretations of those chapters that attempt to harmonize Scripture with the evolutionary account of origins. The […]

Grieving The Holy Spirit (Part 1)

George Stiekes Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you (I Corinthians 3:16). The believer is indwelt by the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is called the “Spirit of God.” In Galatians 4:6 He is called the Spirit of His (God’s) Son.” You would […]

An Evangelical Take on Ecumenism

Don Johnson Mike Riccardi serves on the staff of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles and blogs at thecripplegate.com, a group blog of interest to the more conservative amongst professing believers. The writing at Cripplegate is often outstanding, although there will be key points of difference between their team and those who write here at […]

Honorable Christian Manhood (pt 8)

Valuing What God Values Taigen Joos Part 1 ♦ Part 2 ♦ Part 3 ♦ Part 4 ♦ Part 5 ♦ Part 6 ♦ Part 7 Our honor, our Christianity and our manhood are things which should be greatly valued by all men claiming to be Christians. As men, we tend to place a value […]

New Testament Baptist Fellowship Audio

Last week, we held our Annual Fellowship meeting in conjunction with the New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches in Watertown, WI. Our meeting was jointly hosted by Maranatha Baptist University and Calvary Baptist Church. We now have the audio for all sessions available on P&D, see the links below.

The New Testament Baptist Fellowship

Kevin T. Bauder The New Testament Baptist Fellowship met Tuesday through Thursday of this past week. The name is a new one, and that creates the impression of a new organization, but the impression is not quite correct. Instead, the New Testament Baptist Fellowship is a label for the combined meetings of the New Testament […]

The Foundation of “Foundations”

Kevin Schaal In February of 2017 at the winter board meeting of the FBFI, the board voted unanimously to change the name of the FBFI from Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International to Foundations Baptist Fellowship International. The movement for the name change was led by John Vaughn and at the urging of the most senior members […]

Absorbed with God — CONTINUALLY

George Stiekes Seek the LORD and His strength, seek His face CONTINUALLY. (1 Chronicles 16:11) Stephen Colbert to the graduating class at the University of Virginia: “Your generation needs everything to be about you, and that’s very upsetting to us baby boomers because self-absorption is sort of our thing.” Without realizing it, he described what […]

New Testament Baptist Fellowship–day 3

Our Annual Fellowship meeting wrapped up Thursday morning. Some of our number had to depart early for other responsibilities, but we still had a good crowd in the services today. One of my fellow board members said he was thinking about writing an article on the spiritual condition of those who depart from conferences early! […]

New Testament Baptist Fellowship–Day Two

Yesterday I mentioned that the NTBF is not an organization, it is an event. What an eventful day it was today! A day full of God’s blessings, including two outstanding sermons by two of the godly pastors from our fellowship. Before I get to the messages, I’d like to say a word about the warm […]