March 3, 2015

Additional Resources on Alcohol

For those looking for more information on the Christian view of alcohol, pastor Mike Harding passes on these references:

R. V. Pierard, “Alcohol,” Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, ed. Walter Elwell (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1984, pp. 28-32.

F. S. Fitzsimmons, “Wine and Strong Drink,” New Bible Dictionary (2nded.), ed. J. D. Douglas (Downers Grove: Inter-Varsity) 1982, pp. 1255-57.

I. W. Raymond, The Teaching of the Early Church on the Use of Wine and Strong Drink (AMS Press), [1927, 1970].

R. Albert Mohler and Russell Moore, “Alcohol and Ministry” [MP3 audio], Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

John Piper, “Total Abstinence and Church Membership,” October 4, 1981 (, topic index/34/313).

Norman Geisler, “A Christian Perspective on Wine-Drinking,” Bibliotheca Sacra (January-March, 1982) 139 (553), pp. 41-55.

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Mike Harding is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Troy, Michigan and a member of the FBFI Executive Board.

This article is excerpted from a single, longer piece by pastor Harding. The original article is available here in pdf format.

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